The Caladria is a Classical Age Atlantean myth unit available to Oceanus.

Special Ability Edit

Heals allied units at a range of 20 meters and a rate of 15 HP per second when the unit is idle. (Twice as far and twice as fast as Valkyries)

God Bonuses and Upgrades Edit

Strategy Edit

Caladriae are flying myth units that have no attack but can heal other units. As a flying unit they can only be attacked by ranged units. This makes them an important part of an attacking army, especially if operating far from one's main base. They are the only land (more accurately flying) Atlantean unit with healing capabilities making them crucial in keeping an army in good shape. They make decent scouts due to their ability to fly but have low armor so are quite vulnerable to ranged units. They are best used in groups. When supporting an army they can heal multiple units and can heal each other when scouting. Their marine counterpart (also gained via Oceanus) is the Servant.

Mythology Edit

Scientific name -- Homo asclepii
Size -- Human-sized
Diet -- Omnivore, but mostly herbivorous

Caladriae are flying healers. They make decent scouts but will fall easily to enemy towers and missiles. Making two Caladriae will allow them to heal one another so they can continue healing Atlantean armies.

"...Caladria died and was entombed. Theocrat Osphoru built a temple of healing over her tomb. Many thought his decision blasphemous, but all who suffered and were sick grew strong and hale again under the care of temple's healers. Blessed were the armies accompanied by these followers of Caladria, for they were healed, inspired and protected."

-- Voices of the Oracle, The Lay of Ioleta

Trivia Edit

  • The Caladria was originally going to be a flying archer (as told by odd shape of its staff)
  • The Caladria has the highest movement speed of all Airborne units in Age of Mythology (not counting the Flying Purple Hippo cheat unit).
  • The Caladria is loosely based on Caladrius, white birds able to cure jaundice in Greek/Roman mythology.

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