Bukhara is one of the scenarios in the Battles of the Forgotten in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It is based on the Battle of Bukhara.

In the scenario, the player plays as the Sassanid Persians led by their Shah Khosrau I trying to make up for the humiliating defeat by the White Huns and regaining the land that was lost.

Scenario instructions Edit

Starting conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

Main Edit

  • Khosrau must survive (only in the Definitive Edition)
  • Follow the guide to the place where you can set up your base.
  • Reach the Imperial Age and wait for your army to arrive.
  • Defeat the White Huns.
  • Defeat the Gokturks.

Optional Edit

  • Protect the Persian villages.
  • Pay 400 gold in tribute to the White Huns within 5 minutes.
  • Pay 600 gold in tribute to the White Huns within 5 minutes.
  • Pay 1000 gold in tribute to the White Huns within 5 minutes.
  • Send a messenger to the Gokturks to form an alliance.
  • Destroy and replace the towers guarding the Silk Road. (Removed in the Definitive Edition; there are no towers present along the road)
  • Send 10 (5 in the Definitive Edition) villagers to the Fire Temple.
  • Tribute 1000 wood to Khorasan to earn access to their fish supply. (Removed in the Definitive Edition)
  • You can train ten Savarans by clicking on the main pavilion (costs 1500 gold [500 gold in the Definitive Edition]).

Hints Edit

  • Protect the local villages to ensure a steady flow of tribute.
  • Paying the tributes the White Huns ask of you isn't obligatory, but the White Huns are a dangerous adversary and placating them early on would be wise.
  • Forming an alliance with the Gokturks will help you in defeating the White Huns.
  • If you are low on gold, you can earn a great profit through trade with the trading post at the other end of the Silk Road.
  • Cavalry Archers dominate these plains- countering them with Halberdiers and Elite Skirmishers will be the most cost effective solution. The Persians have excellent cavalry so be sure to use them as well. War Elephants, on the other hand, aren't very useful in this situation.
  • Savarans are Persian heavy cavalry that can regenerate. They come at a price but they are worth their weight in gold.

Players Edit

Player Edit

Allies Edit

  • Persia (Persians) - has a vast city (mostly comprised of Farms and Town Centers) on the west part of the map. They are totally helpless, being slowly destroyed by the Hun Raiders. Once the player reaches the Imperial Age, their remaining buildings would be converted under the player's possession
  • Khorasan (Indians) - has the Fire Temple near the center of the map. Also possesses a Market to the northeast of the map, where the player can trade provided they can gain control of the Silk Road. They also have a tiny camp across the river which would offer the player to pay some Gold in exchange for a few Savaran cavalry.

Ally  → enemy Edit

  • White Huns (Mongols) - has a scattered yet powerful camps spanning from the south to the east of the map. They will quickly reach the Imperial Age and will eventually field large armies which consists of Heavy Cavalry Archers, Elite Mangudais, Hussars and Elite Skirmishers, escorted by a few Monks and will include some Trebuchets to attack the player. It will be wise to pay them as the player can until they are ready to face the White Huns' powerful force. In the Definitive Edition, the White Huns sends Siege Rams and Onagers instead of Elite Skirmishers and Monks.

Neutral → ally → enemy Edit

  • Gokturks (Purple in the Definitive Edition) (Turks) - has few scattered encampments north of the map. Their army is also comprised of Heavy Cavalry Archers and Hussars, along with some Trebuchets. The player will be given an optional objective to ally with them to fight the White Huns. However, this alliance is brittle, as it would be broken if the player attempts to mine Gold near their encampment. Nevertheless, the player will need to defeat them at a latter time to win the scenario.

Enemy Edit

  • Hun Raiders (Cyan in the Definitive Edition) (Huns) - has three small encampments which produces Knights, Light Cavalry and Cavalry Archers to harass Persia and the player early game. By late game, they will attempt to assist the White Huns in defending the latter's camp. They also have some Watch Towers along the Silk Road to deny the player of trading with Khorasan. In the Definitive Edition, they will resign if the player destroys the Tower and kills their initial Cavalry Archers at the early stage.

Strategy (HD Edition) Edit

At the start you should try to build a town as fast as possible. Protect the allied villages from being raided to make sure you keep on getting resources from them and make it to Imperial Age. Wall off every shallow to block the raider onslaught. It's advisable to control the river with some galleys to attack the raiders and White Huns attempting to cross the river.

There are many ways to earn gold in this map should the mines get depleted. At the edge of Persian influence lies a Fire Temple dedicated to Zoroaster. Sending 10 Villagers to them will give you their Monks and a Relic. There are four purple towers that need to be destroyed and replaced with your own towers. Not only by doing so, you will earn 100 gold every minute, you can also trade safely with the Khorasan market to the north-east, giving you even more gold. There is also a blue dock up north the lake, near the Gokturk camp where you can trade with to earn further more gold. You will have no trouble whatsoever with gold in your treasury.

As time progresses, the White Huns will periodically ask for large tributes of gold, first at 400, then 600 and then finally 1,000. It is important to note that Banking is not available for research and will include the 20% fee if the player plans to follow the demands (coinage is automatically upgraded in the start of the game); failure to do so would result in the White Huns changing their stance to the player to enemy, so it is ill-advised to refuse paying unless the player has a army large enough to withstand the onslaught of the White Huns. But while this can exacerbate an already stressful situation, especially with dealing with the Hun Raiders, it is important to know that the White Huns will eventually stop asking for tribute permanently after paying the final 1,000 gold tribute, which then would allow the player to focus on building up gold again without interruption. If the player intends to keep up with the tributes, make sure to stockpile gold resources early on to avoid problems.

A bit south to the temple lies a camp with a Paladin, two Elite Cataphracts, and a few Pavilions. This is a camp that trains Savarans. Clicking on the main Pavilion will train 10 Savarans for 1,500 gold. It is advisable to train these and combine them with other cavalry, especially War Elephants before declaring war on the White Huns. 

Once you get to the Imperial Age war is declared on the White Huns and you'll have to defeat them. Watch out for their Mangudai and hussar combination. They'll also make other units like Elite Skirmishers, Monks and Trebuchets but in smaller amounts. The best way to counter them is by making Heavy Camels, Halberdiers and Elite Skirmisher with some heavy cavalry (you can buy Savarans, a heavy armored regenerating cavalry unit). Alternatively, if you earned huge amounts of gold from the mentioned quests above, massing a enormous army of Savarans and War Elephants to outnumber the White Huns is a great alternative too, since the White Huns' units are not as well-armored comparing to the heavy Persian cavalry units and might fall to them easily. Also a couple of Castles near their base will aid you in your fight. There's also the possibility to ally the Gokturks. The Gokturks have excellent Heavy Cavalry Archers and Hussars so they'll help you distract the enemy and raid the enemy towns. Remember that the White Huns will only attempt to rebuild basic military structures such as Stables and Archery Range when destroyed by the player, but will NOT attempt to rebuild their Castles or Monasteries . Therefore, Castles should be the primary target of the player's Trebuchets so the White Huns could no longer create their own. You can attempt to sneak some Petards to blow up the Monastery east of the map, but you should do it immediately after war is declared. Once you've destroyed all their Castles and their military the White Huns will resign, which would make it easier to research Spies immediately as it only costs 200 gold! However, the Gokturks will betray you, but they're not that strong as the White Huns and should be easy to defeat. Once their base is destroyed as well, you win the scenario!

Strategy (Definitive Edition) Edit

Although the map layout is essentially the same in the Definitive Edition of this scenario, there are some notable differences that make the scenario significantly easier compared to the The Forgotten version of the scenario. Regardless, the same strategies can be applied as if you played the scenario in the HD Edition.

When interacting with Khorasan, players can no longer access their fish supply and they will no longer have a Dock north of the lake of where players would establish their base. In addition, Savarans are notably more expensive, as each unit costs 500 gold, whereas it was 1500 for 10 in the HD Edition.

Players no longer have to destroy enemy Watch Towers along the trade route and erect their own towers in place. Instead, there are outposts marking the trade route to Khorasan. However, it is important to note that even if the trade route is free of enemy towers, Hun Raiders and the White Huns frequently patrol the area and will attack any unit, which makes it difficult to trade since the player's diplomatic stance is set to "ally" and changing it would cause the White Huns to change the stance to enemy. Regardless, it is still possible to stockpile gold with the (orange) allied village and doing so would be ideal by using Trade Cogs along the river with the dock nearest to an unoccupied mining camp in the southern most part of the map.

Dealing with the White Huns is also significantly different in the Definitive Edition versus the HD Edition. In the latter, the White Huns would have periodically made Monks, Trebuchets and Elite Skirmishers, but this behavior would not be present in the Definitive Edition. Instead, once the White Huns decide to assault the player, they instead use an army comprising mostly of Mangudai, Hussars and Siege Rams (and occasionally Trebuchets, but not in excessive numbers as before), which makes it somewhat easier compared to the HD Edition. Despite this being the case, the White Huns are notable more resilient and will not resign easily as before, where in the HD Edition, all you have to do is destroy 3 of their castles and result in their defeat. In the Definitive Edition, the White Huns will not surrender even after 3 castles have been destroyed and will require the player to actually eradicate them completely, which can be very tedious because of the number of Villagers and because they will rebuild military structures with the exception of castles. Be wary however, that if 2 castles have been destroyed, the Gokturks will immediately switch their stance to enemy and they will make attempts to attack, although their army comprises mostly of Hussars.

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