The buildings of Age of Empires III are divided into the Ages in which they can be built.

Discovery Age Edit

  • Town Center Starting Building for every player. Trains settlers and receives home city shipments.
  • Livestock Pen Trains sheep that start off only having 100 food, but the food value increases over time. Livestock fatten faster when tasked to the pen.
  • Mill An alternative to berry bushes and hunting. An infinite but expensive (400 wood) method of gathering.
  • Dock Trains and upgrades ships. Like the town center, if a fishing boat is garrisoned, it will have an attack.
  • Outpost A defensive building that shoots muskets at enemies. Can also receive shipments from the home city.
  • Market Upgrades resource gathering, and allows you to trade resources for other resources.
  • House Supports 10 population.
  • Wall A cheap method to prevent enemies entering an area. Each segment costs 5 wood, and portions can be turned into a gate for 50 wood.
  • Trading Post Can only be built on a native settlement or trade route. If built on a settlement, you can train native warriors and acsess their improvements. If built on a trade route, it will routeinly give exp. and when upgraded, resources.
  • Fire Pit Built only by native civilizations, tasking villagers to dance will give a benefit of your choice.
  • Consulate (Asian civilizations only)
  • Mosque (Ottoman)
  • Castle
  • Monastery
  • Rice Paddy
  • War Hut (Sioux,Iroquois & Aztec)
  • Shrine (Japanese version of the House)
  • Teepee (Sioux)
  • Bank (Dutch)
  • Blockhouse (Russian)
  • Longhouse (Iroquois)
  • Manor (British version of the house)
  • Village (Chinese version of the house)
  • Sacred Field (Indians)

Colonial Age Edit

Fortress Age Edit

Industrial Age Edit

Imperial Age Edit

Other buildings Edit

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