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This article is about the buildings in Age of Empires III. For buildings in other games of the series, see Building.
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Buildings are important entities in Age of Empires III that provide crucial abilities such as training units, researching technologies, or defending areas. All buildings in Age of Empires III are shown in the following list, sorted by the Age in which they can first be built.

Discovery Age[edit | edit source]

  • Bank (Dutch)
  • Blockhouse (Russians)
  • Castle (Asian civilizations only)
  • Community Plaza: (Native American civilizations only) Grants a choice of "ceremonies" which provides special bonuses when Villagers are tasked to this building.
  • Consulate (Asian civilizations only)
  • Dock: Trains and upgrades ships. Like the Town Center, if a fishing boat is garrisoned, it will have an attack.
  • Farm (Native American civilizations only)
  • House: Supports 10 population.
  • Kancha House (Incas only)
  • Livestock Pen: Livestock fatten faster when tasked on a Pen. Trains Sheep.
  • Longhouse (Haudenosaunee)
  • Manor (British version of the House)
  • Market: Upgrades resource gathering, and allows you to trade resources for other resources.
  • Mill: An alternative to berry bushes and hunting. An infinite but expensive (400 wood) method of gathering food.
  • Mosque (Ottomans)
  • Monastery (Asian civilizations only)
  • Outpost: A defensive building that shoots at enemies. Can also receive shipments from the Home City.
  • Rice Paddy (Asian civilizations only)
  • Sacred Field (Indians)
  • Shrine (Japanese version of the House)
  • Tambo (Incas only)
  • Teepee (Lakota)
  • Trading Post: Can only be built on a native settlement or trade route. If built on a settlement, you can train native warriors and access their improvements. If built on a Trade Route, it will routinely give exp. and when upgraded, resources.
  • Tribal Marketplace (Haudenosaunee and Lakota only)
  • Torp (Swedes only)
  • Town Center: Starting building for every player. Trains settlers and receives Home City shipments.
  • Village (Chinese version of the House)
  • Wall: A cheap method to prevent enemies entering an area. Each segment costs 5 wood, and portions can be turned into a gate for 50 wood.
  • War Hut (Native American civilizations only)

Colonial Age[edit | edit source]

Fortress Age[edit | edit source]

Industrial Age[edit | edit source]

Imperial Age[edit | edit source]

LOS upgrade upon age-up[edit | edit source]

Advancing in age grants a LOS upgrade to buildings :

Age LOS bonus
Ages colonial.jpg
Ages fortress.jpg
Ages industrial.jpg
Imperial Age
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