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This article is about the buildings in Age of Empires II. For the armor class, see Armor class: Building. For buildings in other games of the series, see Building.
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The constructable buildings of Age of Empires II are best divided into the Age where they become available or by use. Some buildings are unconstructable, and are only found in the Scenario Editor or provided beforehand in a scenario, and cannot be built by the player in any regular game.

The appearance of the buildings is the same for all civilizations in the Dark Age, but splits in different architecture sets for various groups of civilizations from the Feudal Age on.

Constructable buildings[]

A Villager building a Blacksmith.

Constructable buildings are buildings that can be built in regular games by Villagers.

Categorization by Age[]

Dark Age[]

The following buildings are always available from the Dark Age on.

*A Town Center can only be built if the initial Town Center is destroyed or the game is started without a Town Center (e.g. Nomad). It is not possible to build a second Town Center until the Castle Age is reached.

Feudal Age[]

The following buildings can be built once the Feudal Age is reached.

*The Fish Trap can only be built in the water (by Fishing Ships). It is the only building that can be constructed there.

Castle Age[]

The following buildings can be built once the Castle Age is reached.

Imperial Age[]

The following buildings can be built once the Imperial Age is reached.