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This article is about the buildings in Age of Empires IV. For buildings in other games, see Building.

The following is an overview of all buildings from Age of Empires IV. The generic buildings are listed first, classified by their type, and the unique buildings are listed later.

Types of buildings[]






Armor class[]

The following units have an attack bonus against buildings:

Unavailability of generic buildings[]

Generic buildings unavailable to some civilizations are listed below.

Building Civilization(s)
AoE4 House House Mongols AoE4 Mongols Japanese AoE4 Japanese
AoE4 Mill Mill Mongols AoE4 Mongols Rus AoE4 Rus Japanese AoE4 Japanese
AoE4 LumberCamp Lumber Camp Mongols AoE4 Mongols
AoE4 MiningCamp Mining Camp Mongols AoE4 Mongols Japanese AoE4 Japanese
AoE4 Blacksmith Blacksmith Japanese AoE4 Japanese
AoE4 Farm Farm Mongols AoE4 Mongols Byzantines AoE4 Byzantines
AoE4 Keep Keep Mongols AoE4 Mongols Japanese AoE4 Japanese
AoE4 PalisadeWall Palisade Wall
AoE4 PalisadeGate Palisade Gate
Mongols AoE4 Mongols Rus AoE4 Rus
AoE4 Outpost Outpost Malians AoE4 Malians Rus AoE4 Rus
AoE4 StoneWall Stone Wall
AoE4 StoneWallGate Stone Wall Gate
AoE4 StoneWallTower Stone Wall Tower
Mongols AoE4 Mongols Rus AoE4 Rus*

Unique buildings[]

Civilization Building Type Replaces
Byzantines AoE4 Byzantines AoE4 OliveGrove Olive Grove Economic AoE4 Farm Farm
AoE4 MercenaryHouse Mercenary House Military N/A
AoE4 Aqueduct Aqueduct
AoE4 Cistern Cistern
Economic N/A
Japanese AoE4 Japanese AoE4 Keep Castle Defensive AoE4 Keep Keep
AoE4 ShintoShrine Shinto Shrine /
AoE4 BuddhistTemple Buddhist Temple
Religious AoE4 Monastery Monastery
AoE4 Farmhouse Farmhouse Economic AoE4 House House, AoE4 Mill Mill
AoE4 Forge Forge Economic/Technology AoE4 MiningCamp Mining Camp, AoE4 Blacksmith Blacksmith
Malians AoE4 Malians AoE4 CattleRanch Cattle Ranch Economic N/A
AoE4 PitMine Pit Mine Economic N/A
AoE4 TollOutpost Toll Outpost Defensive AoE4 Outpost Outpost
Mongols AoE4 Mongols AoE4 Ger Ger Economic AoE4 Mill Mill, AoE4 MiningCamp Mining Camp, AoE4 LumberCamp Lumber Camp
AoE4 Ovoo Ovoo Economic N/A
AoE4 Pasture Pasture Economic N/A
Ottomans AoE4 Ottomans AoE4 MilitarySchool Military School Military N/A
Rus AoE4 Rus AoE4 HuntingCabin Hunting Cabin Economic AoE4 Mill Mill
AoE4 PalisadeWall Fortified Palisade Wall
AoE4 PalisadeGate Fortified Palisade Gate
Defensive AoE4 PalisadeWall Palisade Wall
AoE4 PalisadeGate Palisade Gate
AoE4 WoodenFortress Wooden Fortress Defensive AoE4 Outpost Outpost


This section is applicable only for the Chinese and Zhu Xi's Legacy.

Dynasty Building Type
AoE4 TangDynasty Tang Dynasty AoE4 Village Village Economic
AoE4 SongDynasty Song Dynasty AoE4 Granary Granary Economic
AoE4 YuanDynasty Yuan Dynasty AoE4 Pagoda Pagoda Religious


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Buildings in Age of Empires IV
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Military AoE4 ArcheryRange Archery Range · AoE4 Barracks Barracks · AoE4 Dock Dock · AoE4 SiegeWorkshop Siege Workshop · AoE4 Stable Stable
Technology AoE4 Blacksmith Blacksmith · AoE4 University University/Madrasa
Defense AoE4 Keep Keep · AoE4 Outpost Outpost (AoE4 TollOutpost Toll Outpost) · AoE4 PalisadeGate Palisade Gate · AoE4 PalisadeWall Palisade Wall · AoE4 StoneWall Stone Wall · AoE4 StoneWallGate Stone Wall Gate · AoE4 StoneWallTower Stone Wall Tower
Religious AoE4 Monastery Monastery · AoE4 Mosque Mosque · AoE4 Monastery Prayer Tent
Victory Wonder · Sacred Site
Byzantines AoE4 Byzantines AoE4 Aqueduct Aqueduct · AoE4 Cistern Cistern · AoE4 MercenaryHouse Mercenary House · AoE4 OliveGrove Olive Grove
Chinese AoE4 Chinese
Zhu Xis Legacy AoE4 Zhu Xi's Legacy
AoE4 Village Village · AoE4 Granary Granary · AoE4 Pagoda Pagoda
English AoE4 English AoE4 SetupCamp Campfire
Japanese AoE4 Japanese AoE4 BuddhistTemple Buddhist Temple · AoE4 Keep Castle · AoE4 Farmhouse Farmhouse · AoE4 Forge Forge · AoE4 ShintoShrine Shinto Shrine
Malians AoE4 Malians AoE4 CattleRanch Cattle Ranch · AoE4 PitMine Pit Mine
Mongols AoE4 Mongols AoE4 Ger Ger · AoE4 Ovoo Ovoo · AoE4 Pasture Pasture
Ottomans AoE4 Ottomans AoE4 MilitarySchool Military School
Rus AoE4 Rus AoE4 HuntingCabin Hunting Cabin · AoE4 WoodenFortress Wooden Fortress · AoE4 PalisadeGate Fortified Palisade Gate · AoE4 PalisadeWall Fortified Palisade Wall
Abbasid Dynasty AoE4 Abbasid Dynasty
Ayyubids AoE4 Ayyubids
AoE4 HouseOfWisdom House of Wisdom
Byzantines AoE4 Byzantines AoE4 GrandWinery Grand Winery · AoE4 ImperialHippodrome Imperial Hippodrome · AoE4 GoldenHornTower Golden Horn Tower · AoE4 CisternoftheFirstHill Cistern of the First Hill · AoE4 ForeignEngineeringCompany Foreign Engineering Company · AoE4 PalatineSchool Palatine School
Chinese AoE4 Chinese AoE4 ImperialAcademy Imperial Academy · AoE4 BarbicanOfTheSun Barbican of the Sun · AoE4 AstronomicalClocktower Astronomical Clocktower · AoE4 ImperialPalace Imperial Palace · AoE4 GreatWallGatehouse Great Wall Gatehouse · AoE4 SpiritWay Spirit Way
Delhi Sultanate AoE4 Delhi Sultanate AoE4 DomeOfTheFaith Dome of the Faith · AoE4 TowerOfVictory Tower of Victory · AoE4 CompoundOfTheDefender Compound of the Defender · AoE4 HouseOfLearning House of Learning · AoE4 HisarAcademy Hisar Academy · AoE4 PalaceOfTheSultan Palace of the Sultan
English AoE4 English AoE4 AbbeyOfKings Abbey of Kings · AoE4 CouncilHall Council Hall · AoE4 KingsPalace King's Palace · AoE4 TheWhiteTower The White Tower · AoE4 BerkshirePalace Berkshire Palace · AoE4 WynguardPalace Wynguard Palace
French AoE4 French
Jeanne d Arc AoE4 Jeanne d'Arc
AoE4 ChamberOfCommerce Chamber of Commerce · AoE4 SchoolOfCavalry School of Cavalry · AoE4 GuildHall Guild Hall · AoE4 RoyalInstitute Royal Institute · AoE4 CollegeOfArtillery College of Artillery · AoE4 RedPalace Red Palace
HRE AoE4 Holy Roman Empire
Order of the Dragon AoE4 Order of the Dragon
AoE4 AachenChapel Aachen Chapel · AoE4 MeinwerkPalace Meinwerk Palace · AoE4 BurgravePalace Burgrave Palace · AoE4 RegnitzCathedral Regnitz Cathedral · AoE4 ElzbachPalace Elzbach Palace · AoE4 PalaceOfSwabia Palace of Swabia
Japanese AoE4 Japanese AoE4 KokaTownship Koka Township · AoE4 KuraStorehouse Kura Storehouse · AoE4 FloatingGate Floating Gate · AoE4 TempleofEquality Temple of Equality · AoE4 CastleoftheCrow Castle of the Crow · AoE4 TanegashimaGunsmith Tanegashima Gunsmith
Malians AoE4 Malians AoE4 SaharanTradeNetwork Saharan Trade Network · AoE4 MansaQuarry Mansa Quarry · AoE4 GrandFulaniCorral Grand Fulani Corral · AoE4 FarimbaGarrison Farimba Garrison · AoE4 FortOfTheHuntress Fort of the Huntress · AoE4 GriotBara Griot Bara
Mongols AoE4 Mongols AoE4 DeerStones Deer Stones · AoE4 TheSilverTree The Silver Tree · AoE4 Kurultai Kurultai · AoE4 SteppeRedoubt Steppe Redoubt · AoE4 KhaganatePalace Khaganate Palace · AoE4 TheWhiteStupa The White Stupa
Ottomans AoE4 Ottomans AoE4 TwinMinaretMedrese Twin Minaret Medrese · AoE4 SultanhaniTradeNetwork Sultanhani Trade Network · AoE4 InstanbulImperialPalace Istanbul Imperial Palace · AoE4 MehmedImperialArmory Mehmed Imperial Armory · AoE4 IstanbulObservatory Istanbul Observatory · AoE4 SeaGateCastle Sea Gate Castle
Rus AoE4 Rus AoE4 Kremlin Kremlin · AoE4 TheGoldenGate The Golden Gate · AoE4 AbbeyOfTheTrinity Abbey of the Trinity · AoE4 HighTradeHouse High Trade House · AoE4 HighArmory High Armory · AoE4 SpasskayaTower Spasskaya Tower
Zhu Xis Legacy AoE4 Zhu Xi's Legacy AoE4 MeditationGardens Meditation Gardens · AoE4 JiangnanTower Jiangnan Tower · AoE4 MountLuAcademy Mount Lu Academy · AoE4 ShaolinMonastery Shaolin Monastery · AoE4 ZhuXisLibrary Zhu Xi's Library · AoE4 TempleoftheSun Temple of the Sun