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This article is about the buildings in Age of Empires III. For buildings in other games of the series, see Building.
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Buildings are important entities in Age of Empires III that provide crucial abilities such as training units, researching technologies, or defending areas. All buildings in Age of Empires III are shown in the following list, sorted by the Age in which they can first be built.

Home City Cards can send over buildings that would not be available to a civilization by default. These buildings come in the form of wagons.

The buildings of European and Federal American civilizations have the same appearance in the Exploration Age, but split in three different architecture sets for various groups of civilizations from the Commerce Age on. The Chinese and Japanese, and the Ethiopians and Hausa, also share an Exploration Age architecture. Native American civilizations and the Indians, meanwhile, have a unique Exploration Age architecture.

Buildings in Age of Empires III change appearance upon reaching the Commerce Age, and again when advancing to the Industrial Age.

Buildings in native settlements are purely decorative and cannot be interacted with.

Exploration Age[]

Commerce Age[]

Fortress Age[]

Industrial Age[]

Imperial Age[]

Line of Sight upgrade upon age-up[]

Advancing in age grants a Line of Sight upgrade to buildings:

Age LOS bonus
Age II tech tree aoe3
Age III tech tree aoe3
Age IV tech tree aoe 3
Imperial Age
Buildings in Age of Empires III
Dock aoe3de Dock · House indian aoe3de House · Livestock pen aoe3de Livestock Pen · Market icon aoe3de Market · Native embassy DE icon Native Embassy · Stables aoe3de Stable · Towncenter aoe3de Town Center · Trading post african aoe3de Trading Post · Wall aoe3de Wall
EuropeansArsenal aoe3de Arsenal · Artillery depot aoe3de Artillery Foundry · Barracks aoe3de Barracks · Capitol aoe3de Capitol · Church aoe3de Church · Plantation aoe3de Estate (formerly Plantation) · Fort aoe3de Fort · Mill aoe3de Mill · Outpost aoe3de Outpost · Tavern icon de Tavern
Native AmericansCommunity plaza aoe3de Community Plaza (formerly Fire Pit) · Corral aoe3de Corral · Plantation aoe3de Estate (formerly Plantation) · Farm aoe3de Farm · Tribal marketplace icon Tribal Marketplace · War hut aoe3de War Hut
AsiansJapan barracks aoe3de Barracks · Japan castle aoe3de Castle · Consulate icon aoe3de Consulate · Monastery aoe3de Monastery · China rice paddy icon aoe3de Rice Paddy · Advanced wonders Wonder
Federal AmericansArsenal aoe3de Arsenal · Artillery depot aoe3de Artillery Foundry · Barracks aoe3de Barracks · Capitol aoe3de Capitol · Plantation aoe3de Estate · Fort aoe3de Fort · Mill aoe3de Mill · Outpost aoe3de Outpost · Saloon aoe3de Saloon
AfricansArsenal aoe3de Arsenal · Field portrait aoe3de Field · Granary portrait aoe3de Granary · Hut portrait aoe3de Hut · Livestock market aoe3de Livestock Market · Palace portrait aoe3de Palace · Port portrait aoe3de Port · War camp aoe3de portrait War Camp · Watch tower aoe3de portrait Watch Tower
Flag BritishDE BritishHouse aoe3de Manor House
Flag DutchDE DutchBank aoe3de Bank
Flag GermanDE GermansMercenary camp portrait Mercenary Camp
Flag OttomanDE OttomansChurch aoe3de Mosque
Flag RussianDE RussiansBlockhouse aoe3de Blockhouse
Flag AztecDE AztecsNobles aoe3de Nobles' Hut
Flag IroquoisDE HaudenosauneeIro house icon Longhouse · Artillery depot aoe3de Siege Workshop
Flag SiouxDE LakotaTeepee icon DE Teepee
Flag ChineseDE ChineseChinese village aoe3de Village · China waracademy aoe3de War Academy
Flag IndianDE IndiansCaravanseraiDE Caravanserai · MangoGroveDE Mango Grove · SacredFieldDE Sacred Field
Flag JapaneseDE JapaneseCherry orchard portrait aoe3de Cherry Orchard · Dojo aoe3de Dojo · Shrine aoe3de Shrine
Flag IncanDE IncaInca kallanka Kallanka · Inca kancha house Kancha House · Inca stronghold Stronghold · Inca tambo Tambo
Flag SwedishDE SwedesSwedish torp Torp
Flag American act3 aoe3de United StatesMeeting house aoe3de icon Meeting House · State capitol aoe3de icon State Capitol
Flag Ethiopian aoe3de EthiopiansMountain monastery portrait aoe3de Mountain Monastery
Flag Hausa HausaUniversity portrait University
Flag MexicanDE MexicansCathedral portrait Cathedral · Hacienda portrait Hacienda
Flag ItalianDE ItaliansBasilica portrait Basilica · Lombard portrait Lombard
Flag MalteseDE MalteseCommandery portrait Commandery · Depot portrait Depot · Fixed gun portrait aoe3de Fixed Gun · Hospital portrait Hospital
Aztec temple portrait American Citadel (formerly Maya Castle) · Athos monastery portrait Athos Monastery · Battery tower portrait Battery Tower · Factory aoe3de Factory · Field hospital aoe3de Field Hospital · Regent's Castle aoe3de Regent's Castle
Scenario Editor/campaign only
Cherokee Warhut Portrait Cherokee War Hut · Wall aoe3de Command Post · Fixed gun portrait aoe3de Fixed Gun · Fort Tower icon AoE3DE Fort Tower · Gunpowder Stores icon AoE3DE Gunpowder Stores · Ossuary AoE3DE Ossuary · Fountain Youth Portrait The Fountain of Youth · Tower aoe3de Tower
Tags in Age of Empires III
Aoe3 unit type infantry Infantry
Aoe3 unit type heavy infantry Heavy infantryHand infantry · Aoe3 unit type hand infantry Pikeman · Musket infantry
Aoe 3 unit type skirmisher Light infantryFoot archer · Rifle infantry · Hand skirmisher
OtherCounter skirmisher · Grenade trooper
Aoe3 unit type cavalry Cavalry / Aoe3 unit type light infantry Shock infantry
Aoe3 unit type heavy cavalry Heavy cavalryAoe3 unit type melee cavalry Hand cavalry · Ranged heavy cavalry · Lance cavalry
Aoe3 unit type light cavalry Light ranged cavalryGunpowder cavalry
Aoe3 unit type light infantry Shock infantryAoe3 unit type hand shock infantry Hand shock infantry · Aoe3 unit type ranged shock infantry Ranged shock infantry
OtherCamel · Elephant
Siege units
Aoe3 unit type siege infantry Siege unit · Aoe3 unit type artillery Artillery · Stat icon siege elephant Siege Elephant · Gatling Camel· Fixed Gun· Arrow Knight*
Aoe3 unit type ship Ship
Fishing boat · Warship · Stat icon training ship Recruiting ship
Aoe3 unit type building Building
Stat icon resource enclosure Resource enclosure · Stat icon wall Wall · Frontier fortification · Barracks
Aoe3 unit type hero Hero · Aoe3 unit type mercenary Mercenary · Monk · Stat icon outlaw Outlaw · Aoe3 unit type pet Pet · Aoe3 unit type villager Villager
Mother nature
Aoe3 unit type huntable Huntable · Aoe3 unit type treasure guardian Treasure guardian
Support tags
Gunpowder unit · Archer · Healing unit · Native warrior · Elephant · Camel · Archaic infantry · Ranged infantry · Ranged cavalry · Consulate unit
All tags with icons are related to the bonus and penalties counter system, except *hidden tags that aren't in the UI