All buildings in the Middle Eastern architecture set in Age of Empires II

A building is a type of structure that is designated for habitation and typically has a roof and walls. In the Age of Empires series, most buildings can only be built by Villagers. Buildings form the backbone of the civilizations.

Types of buildings Edit

In the Age of Empires series, buildings are separated into four distinct categories, each of which has its own distinct function. The main types of building found in the game are:

  • Economic buildings
  • Fortifications
  • Military buildings
  • Research buildings

Note that there are also a few buildings which cannot be sorted in any of the categories above, like the House.

Economic buildings Edit

Economic buildings are crucial when it comes to building a civilization. They are the most important structures in the game as building them is the only way to research technologies that are needed to advance a civilization. These structures provide economic benefits for an entire civilization and usually train economic units such as Villagers, Fishing Boats, or trade units. Some of these structures serve as a drop off point when a unit collects a particular resource, while other economic buildings provide unlimited resources, such as a Bank or a Factory.

Fortifications Edit

Unlike other buildings which train units and research technologies, these structures are simply designed for combat and defense. Defensive structures often have a large amount of hit points and range and a decent attack. Unlike other buildings which can only be made of wood, these structures are usually made of stone, which is a far rarer resource.

Military buildings Edit

Military buildings train units only suited for combat and research technologies that upgrade these units. Military structures can be separated into categories based on what kind of units they train. These structures are vital for a strong civilization since building them are the only way to achieve a military conquest or victory.

Research buildings Edit

Research buildings can neither train nor attack units, they are also usually not designed to benefit a player's economy, but rather provide various technologies. Once a research building has done all its research, it is practically useless.

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