Budapest Preview

The Budapest preview, as posted on the Forgotten team's official site.

Budapest is a random map in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten.

Description Edit

Budapest is unique among maps for its startup: whereas players in most maps start with a single Town Center, or sometimes, no Town Center at all (this being the case for Mountain Pass and Nomad), in Budapest, they have two Town Centers, not far from each other.

This means that less resources need to be invested in new Town Centers, and more Villagers can be pumped out, to gather the land's resources. Civilizations with advantages concerning their Town Centers and/or Villagers can thrive on this map, such as the Persians and Indians (who can also abuse their improved shore fishing rates).

Other civilizations who can fare well on this map are the Malay, who can farm with Fish Traps on the lakes, and the Vikings, with their cheaper Docks and free Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart, both able to Boom by abusing the lakes' and land's resources. Some civilizations with start up bonuses like Mayans , Chinese and Incas (the first two starts with more villagers and the last gets an initial llama also Chinese Town centers holds 10 population each) also double those additional initial units getting an advantage.

In the cases of Regicide and Sudden Death modes, each player will have an additional King and Town Center, respectively. A player will only lose if all of their Kings and Town Centers are killed and destroyed, respectively.

Environment Edit

The map features a typical European continental landscape, with many pine trees and Eurasian fauna, Wild Boars and Deer. There are also Forage Bushes and Sheep scattered around the map.

There are also some lakes, with generous quantities of Fish, though whether or not it is worth the effort to build a navy, depends on the layout of these, as well as their size. Either way, a military navy will be limited in defence, as the lakes are not connected to each other.

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