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Brunswick is a British colony governed by Stuart Black. In appears in Act II: Ice in Age of Empires III. Black, a British official, pays his nephew John Black to protect the colony with his band of mercenaries.

The colony is located in Carolina, close to a region inhabited by the Cherokee and several smaller colonies, all of which are involved in friendly diplomatic relations with one another.


Defend the colony[]

Prior to the outbreak of The Seven Years' War, the local Cherokee launch offensives against Brunswick and neighboring colonies. Joined by a colony to the southwest, Brunswick withstands the assaults. This is the focus of the scenario Defend the Colony.

Strange alliances[]

Afterward, John Black, Kanyenke and a band of soldiers proceed to take the fight to the Cherokee. After destroying their War Huts, the group travels to the main Cherokee village to attempt to negotiate a peace treaty. At the village, they are ambushed by British Musketeers. This reveals a connection between the British military and the Cherokee forces who had attacked the colony.

The connection is made even clearer when two Frigates ferrying a detachment of British soldiers disembark at Brunswick while the group is at the Cherokee village. The soldiers are accompanied by their commander, General Warwick, who is secretly the leader of the Circle of Ossus, a secret society that has been an enemy of the Black family for two centuries.

The soldiers burn part of the town and massacre the colonists while Warwick takes Stuart to another location for questioning; Warwick believes that the governor knows the location of the Fountain of Youth. Eventually, John, with the help of his mercenaries and Kanyenke manage to reclaim the colony from the British forces and it is presumably rebuilt.

The above-mentioned are the focus of the scenario Strange Alliances.


  • The colony is named after Braunschweig, a city located in Lower Saxony, Germany.
  • The colony was the first great settlement in North Carolina.