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This article is about the huntable animal in Age of Mythology. For other Bears in different games of the series, see Bear.

BrownBear.jpg The Brown Bear is a huntable animal in Age of Mythology. Like other dangerous predators, it will attack villagers on sight, but provide plenty of food if they manage to kill it.

History[edit | edit source]

Scientific name -- Ursus arctos
Size -- Up to 800 lbs.
Diet -- Predominantly roots, fruit and nuts. Occasionally fish and mammals.

The brown bear is the second largest bear species in the world, after the polar bear. Although smaller than the grizzly and Kodiak of North America, the European brown bear once inhabited the entire continent except for a few northern islands (such as Ireland). Deforestation and human expansion have pushed them into small populations in Romania and the former Yugoslavia, and large populations in Scandinavia and Russia.

Brown bears are largely herbivorous, though they opportunistically feed on carcasses, fish and even anthills. Bears in cooler climates hibernate for several months, though those in Spain and Croatia may remain active all year. Little is known of brown bear social organization. They do not appear to be territorial and do not form pair bonds.
—In-game help section
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