Brother against Brother is the first scenario in the El Cid campaign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. It is based on the Battle of Golpejera.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Starting Conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Become King Sancho's Champion in a trial by combat.
    • El Cid must survive.
    • Take command of the Castillian army in order to capture King Sancho's conniving, ambitious brother, King Alfonso. Alfonso's Castle lies to the northwest, across the river.
    • El Cid himself must bring the captured King Alfonso to King Sancho's tournament grounds.

Hints Edit

  • 1. Some of the folk of Castille may pledge themselves or their homes to the charismatic El Cid when they see him or his soldiers.
  • 2. Most of the stone in Castille has already been quarried for its namesake castles. Almost all of the stone that remains in the area is in the territory of King Alfonso.
  • 3. El Cid cannot yet advance to the Imperial Age.

Scouts Edit

  • Your scouts report: El Cid (red) starts alone and can only gain troops if they are granted by King Sancho.
  • Sancho's subjects (yellow) are loyal to Sancho and friendly with The Cid and might prove helpful.
  • King Alfonso (blue) is your enemy. He has a well-fortified city. Your initial forces can probably damage his city, but it is likely you will need to train some reinforcements, particularly siege weapons, to destroy his Castle. The border between Golpejera to the north and the Castillian border Castles to the south should have ample space and resources.
  • Alfonso trains Knights and Pikemen, so guard your cavalry with Pikemen of your own.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Spanish): The player starts with El Cid only in the east of the map, close to the tournament square.

Allies Edit

  • King Sancho (Spanish): King Sancho controls large parts of the map, including the hillsides in the south and the eastern part of the map, where he has a fortified town. King Sancho hosts the tournament at the start. If the Cid attempts to run away from it, he will change his diplomatic stance to enemy and attack the Cid.
  • Serfs (Spanish): The Serfs work some Farms in the center of the map. They do not participate in any fights and are stuck in the Dark Age. They get disgruntled should any of El Cid's army trample their crops, and changing their diplomatic stance to the Cid to enemy if he ignores their repeated warnings. However, they will pledge themselves to the Cid if they see him in person (apologizing to the Cid if the aforementioned situation has come to be), giving him control over all their Villagers and the buildings.

Enemies Edit

  • King Sancho's Champion (Spanish): King Sancho's Champion only exists to make the tournament work. As soon as the tournament starts, a Two-Handed Swordsman is assigned to this player and attacks the Cid. Once the Cid is on his horse, the same thing happens again with a Knight.
  • King Alfonso (Spanish): King Alfonso himself is a separate player, and only he belongs to this player. This is because once King Alfonso's Army's Castle is destroyed, the player gets to control King Alfonso and must take him to King Sancho's Castle close to the tournament square. He is located in King Alfonso's Army's town, next to the Castle in the center.
  • King Alfonso's Army (Spanish): King Alfonso's Army is the main and practically only enemy. The goal is to destroy their Castle which is located right in the center of their town to the northwest. They immediately change their stance to the player to neutral once the Castle is destroyed, and then switch to ally. They mainly field Scorpions, Monks, and Pikemen. Also, a few War Galleys travel the rivers nearby.

Strategy Edit

The player begins the scenario controlling only El Cid, in his Champion form, and must defeat the Two-Handed Swordsman. After that, travel north to the pen by the Castle with the horse inside. Once El Cid is mounted, return to defeat the knight. In a short amount of time, the player will receive resources, Villagers, and an army from King Sancho.

Most of the land is either already settled or too rugged to let the player build a base. The best location is in the center of the map, just outside of King Alfonso's base. When the player crosses the river with El Cid, the Serfs will convert to their team (including several Villagers, Farms, Houses, a Mill and a Lumber Camp). Build a Town Center just to the north of the cliffs against the wood-line, and task Villagers to gather food (fore example, by some Deer to the south) and wood. Keep creating Villagers while gathering resources to build more Farms, Houses, a Stable and a Blacksmith and possibly, a Market to trade resources and keep the balance to the player's economy. The player's goal should be to reach Castle Age as soon as possible.

While focusing on the economy, send a cavalry unit to scout among the cliffs to the south, where the player can find some Gaia units there who will join the player's side. Meanwhile, send El Cid to the western corner of the map to find the Gaia Monastery. Garrison the Relics inside, and then walk the Monks back to base. The player can use El Cid to draw fire from the Towers, so that the Monks can walk past safely.

Keep an army nearby, as King Alfonso sends out small attacks. Once the Monks arrive, use them to heal the wounded units and convert powerful units in Alfonso's army.

When the player begins to advance to the Castle Age, transfer some Villagers from gathering food and wood towards gathering stone (if possible) and gold.

When the player has advanced to the Castle Age, build a Castle about 6-8 tiles below Alfonso's gate. There is some stone outside the gate, but if that position is harassed by enemies, the player can simply buy stone at the Market.

Garrison Conquistadors in the castle to shred advancing armies. Scorpions and Monks are the priority targets as they are the most dangerous units. Use Knights to defend against Rams. Whenever possible, use the Castle to destroy the gate and Towers.

Build a Siege Workshop and train as many Knights and Conquistadors as possible. If there are any infantry left, let them die or delete them in order to create extra population space. Once the player has an excess of wood, delete some Villagers in order to create Rams.

When ready to invade, use Rams and Knights to destroy defensive structures and military buildings, and use the Conquistadors to target units. Once the Castle is down, King Alfonso converts to the player's control. Take him away from the battle as the player will lose if he dies. Once he is safe, group him with El Cid and send them both to the eastern corner of the map, to King Sancho's position.

Alternative strategyEdit

Or follow this strategy to beat the level in 20 minutes.

Age of Empires 2 - El Cid, Misión 1

Age of Empires 2 - El Cid, Misión 1

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only scenario of the El Cid campaign not to feature any Muslims.
  • If El Cid tries to run from the tournament (leave the tournament area too far), King Sancho would say El Cid is a coward and change the diplomatic stance to enemy and attack him. In this case, the scenario is no longer winnable by normal means since the Cid can no longer establish a base.
    • Although the player can capture the Gaia Monastery to the west, the player won't be able to train Monks since it will require the player to build a House despite starting with some Gold. The Gaia Monks will not spawn yet until King Sancho's tournament is won.
  • El Cid can possibly finish the tournament without retrieving the horse. After winning the tournament, the "El Cid must survive" objective will not re-appear until the player retrieves the horse. True enough, the player will not be defeated if El Cid dies in this case.
    • The serfs will not submit to El Cid in his Champion form. In fact, if the unmounted El Cid will walk over their Farms repeatedly, they will still change their diplomatic stance towards the player to enemy
  • King Sancho's Champion does not get defeated after the tournament since it has a single Conquistador which acts as their placeholder unit near one of King Sancho's Castle to the south. This player can only be defeated by killing the said Conquistador or when receive King Sancho's army, he will disappear.
  • If the game runs long enough, it is possible (though not advisable) to enter King Alfonso's base by running along the water's edge behind his camp. This is due to his Villagers over-chopping wood.
  • If the player's soldiers stand on the serf's crops for too long, three warnings will be sent telling them to leave. If the soldiers remain, the serfs will declare the player an Enemy. (They won't attack however.) El Cid himself must then visit the serfs and they will apologize for their "harsh words" and join the player.
  • The player can switch the diplomatic stance towards King Alfonso to enemy and kill him without being immediately defeated
  • After killing King Alfonso, the player would be defeated only after the player destroys Alfonso's Castle, and there are still other players surviving the scenario.
  • It is still possible to win the scenario, even if the player manages to kill King Alfonso himself (before being converted to the player's side), by defeating all other players on the map (including the yellow players). The last enemy the player must defeat must be King Alfonso's Army, and the last building that the player must destroy from that faction, to end the game, is Alfonso's Castle. Before the game recognizes the triggers that will make the player defeated (since the game will now ask Alfonso to be brought to Sancho's base), the player will immediately be declared victorious (by conquest)

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