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Bronze Age Art of War is the only scenario in the Armies at War, a Combat Showcase campaign in the Age of Empires demo. The player starts off with an army of Egyptian soldiers and must assault a Greek town.

Scenario instructions[]


500 BC

Lead your horde of Egyptian soldiers in an all out assault against the Greek juggernaught. Survive the first wave of their defenders and you might have something left to use in crushing their city across the river.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]



  • Concentrate the power of a group of your units against a lone enemy to eliminate it quickly.
  • If your ranged units are attacked by slower enemy infantry, use their mobility to keep them out of range.
  • Protect weak units like Priests and Catapults. Try to keep them on the edge of skirmishes.
  • Keep an eye on what your Catapults fire on, if they shoot at enemy troops next to yours they can injure both.



  • Player (Egyptians AoE Egyptians): The Player starts with four armies. Three of them along the south-eastern edge and on nearby the river which separates the player from the enemy's base. The player's navy starts in the eastern corner of the map.


  • Enemy (Greeks AoE Greeks): The enemy (whose name is picked randomly from the pool of Greek AI names) starts with a base, an army, and a navy. All units are located in the base except for one army which starts nearby of two player's armies.


The enemy armies are scattered, and can be easily avoided. The largest problem on this map, will be making sure that the Stone Throwers do not massacre the player's own army through Area of Effect damage - keep them far behind the rest of the troops.

Gather forces in one spot, and head to the northern shore. The player starts off with a few ships, so send War Galleys to clear out enemy ships, and then use transports to get the units across. The Government Center is at the northernmost point of the map.


  • This is the only official scenario lacking a history section in the description.
  • There is a "RIP" inscription in the terrain near the northwest section of the map. The watch tower located above of it acts as the dot of the "i".



Congratulations! Your massive armies have crushed the Greek defenders and burned their Government Center to the ground.
—-In-game section


What little is left of your once great army has fled in horror from the Greek lands. You have been defeated!

Remember to see Hints if you need help.
—-In-game section
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