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The Bronze Age is the third Age in Age of Empires, following the Tool Age and preceding the Iron Age. It is characterized by the increased use of bronze and other metals through the discovery of new smelting techniques upon the discovery of copper ore. This age is also notable for competition between players for natural resources such as gold, introduction of more complex technologies, trade, colonization and beginning of imperial expansion. A more expanded technology tree allows for a wider range of military units and more developed tactics. It also represents the development of a stronger centralized government. To reach this age, 800 food is required.

Buildings available[]

Units available[]

Civilization bonuses[]

  • Greeks: Advancing to the Bronze Age is 10% faster.


The Bronze Ages are known by historians as a period of time where civilizations become more centralized and urbanized due to a surplus of food through extensive farming. This historical period features use of metal materials which allows new technologies to be developed. The most notable feature to this time period is the development of written languages and the invention of the wheel.