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Brazil is one of the revolutionary nations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, available to the Dutch, Italians and Portuguese.


  • Each Settler becomes two Voluntarios da Patria (Revolutionaries with half the hit points, attack, cost, and XP train/kill bounty).
  • Voluntarios da Patria appear in the Home City shipment point, with the amount being double the number of Villagers the player had when they revolted to Brazil.
  • Town Centers automatically spawn 9 Voluntarios da Patria every 146 seconds.

Home City Cards[]

  • Purple: Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times
Brazil Card Overview.png
Card Description
Mexico Home City (Cattle Drivers).png Cattle Drivers Ships 8 semi-fattened Cows, 1 Jagunço, and 1 Homestead Wagon; Cow train limit +8
Brazil Home City (Jaguncos).png Jagunços Ships 10 Cows and 10 Jagunços; Cow train limit +10; Jagunços can be trained at Stables, Forts, Galleons/Fluyts, and Tavern, costs 120 food, uses 1 population, and can build Livestock Pens, train Cows, and gather from livestock
Gran Colombia Home City (Gatling Guns).png 4 Gatling Guns Ships 4 Gatling Guns
Gran Colombia Home City (Ironclads).png 2 Ironclads Ships 2 Ironclads
Mexico Home City (Fort Wagon).png 1 Fort Wagon Ships 1 Fort Wagon; Fort build limit +1
Brazil Home City (Covered Wagons).png 2 Covered Wagons Ships 2 Covered Wagons; Town Center build limit +2
Brazil Home City (Minas Gerais).png Minas Gerais Gives a trickle of 3.3 coin; Settlers can be trained at Town Centers; Fishing Boats can be trained at Docks
Brazil Home City (Guard of Honor).png Guard of Honor Upgrade Ruyters to Royal Guard (if not already); Ruyters get +250% melee attack but all melee attack multipliers removed; Independence Dragoons (Dragoons with +250% melee attack but no melee attack multipliers) can be trained at the Stables, Forts, and Fluyts; Upgrade Dragoons into Independence Dragoons
Brazil Home City (Tupi Blackwood Archers).png 14 Tupi Blackwood Archers Ships 14 Tupi Blackwood Archers
Legendary natives.png Legendary Native Warriors Grants Legendary Native Warriors


Brazil is an example of "quantity over quality". Revolting with Brazil can be a finishing move, like many other revolutions. When revolting to Brazil, each Settler becomes a Voluntario da Patria, and for each Settler, a Voluntario da Patria appears at the shipment point. The main advantage of picking Brazil is that the player doesn't have to train their Voluntarios da Patria, as those are spawned continuosly for free at each Town Center. Basically, the player can swarm an opponent with masses of cheap and weak infantry with little effort. Brazil also has access to infinite 2 Covered Wagon shipment, so the player can pick this shipment indefinitively in order to keep the Voluntarios da Patria swarm constant, as well as supporting this with masses of Militiamen from Levy and Conscription (if the Colonia Militia card has been sent previous to revolting). This strategy in most circumstances is more effective with Portuguese than with Dutch, for obvious reasons (Portuguese receive 1 Covered Wagon for each age).

Like other Latin American revolutions, Brazil has access to a Comanchero-like unit that gathers food from herdables: the Jagunço. Brazilians also have access the unique shipment "Guard of Honor" that improves Dragoons/Ruyters to Guard/Royal Guard, as well as giving them much more attack, so is avisable to pick Brazil if the player focused early on cavalry.

Brazil's Minas Gerais shipment not only enables Settlers, but it also enables a coin trickle, which can be important, considering the economy constriction Revolutions have.

Lastly, Brazil has a infinite 15 Tupi Blackwood Archers shipment, as well as having access to the "Legendary Native Warriors " shipment. So players that focused early on native units should consider revolting with Brazil.

Recommended shipment cards[]

For Portuguese and Dutch
  • Colonial Militia: Town Centers can use Conscription.
  • 1 Covered Wagon: It doesn't hurt to have already an additional Town Center before revolting.
  • Dragoon/Ruyter Shipments.
  • Native Treaties: having a shipment of Native units before revolting and upgradiong them to legendary is a good idea
  • Native Warriors: reduces the cost of native units which can be improved with the Legendary Warriors Shipment.
  • Riding School: This can facilitate the further creation of Jagunços, Dragoons or Ruyters.
  • Advanced Arsenal: Improvements allowed by this shipment benefit all the units Brazil provides.
  • Stockyards: Jagunços can gather food from herdables, and this shipment helps to fatten those faster.
  • Landgrab: Makes Livestock Pens cheaper, which synergizes with the Jagunço ability of gathering from herdable animals.
  • Industrial Revolution (for Dutch) , Robber Barons (for Portuguese) and Factory: Since the economy stops momentarily when revolting (as long as the player has not shipped Minas Gerais), having a trickle of resources is helpful.
For Portuguese
  • 2 Covered Wagons and Donatarios: Placing extra Town Centers before revolting with Brazil doesn't hurt and secures a Voluntario da Patria swarm.
  • TEAM Early Dragoons: Mustering Dragoons early on and later revolting with Brazil and shipping Guard of Honor is a good tactic.
  • Dragoon Combat: Increases the attack and hitpoints of Dragoons.
  • Llama Ranching: Jagunços can collect from herdables, so having previously fattened Llamas can help to sustain economy while revolting
For Dutch
  • Stadhouder: Enables the Dutch Explorer to build cheaper Town centers, which can be helpful, considering that Brazil can send additional Town Centers, and each one spawns Voluntarios da Patria with time
  • TEAM Infantry Hitpoints: Voluntarios da Patria are considered infantry and considering how frail they are, giving them a bit extra hitpoints is helpful
  • Cavalry Combat: Increases the attack and hitpoints of Ruyters and Jagunços.
  • TEAM Native Warrior Societies: Increases the creation limit of native units, which can be improved with the Legendary Warriors shipment.
  • Ranching: As Jagunços can gather from Herdables, it is helpful to have a handful of already fattened cows before revolting.
  • Bank Shipments and most importantly Bank of Amsterdam, Bank of Rotterdam, Tulip Speculation and Religious Freedom (enables the Coffee Trade technology): Dutch can already create Banks that grant coin trickle, so in order to sustain an economy while revolting, it is a good idea to improve the Banks. Also, Banks do not take population space that can be better used for the Voluntario da Patria swarm, unlike Settlers from Minas Gerais (despite this, this still synergizes, adding more speed to the coin trickle).
  • Colbertism: Grants a food trickle. This follow the same logic as with Bank shipments.