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You have advanced to the Heroic Age through the Lore of Bragi.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology

Bragi is the Norse god of poetry and skalds. In Age of Mythology, he is a Heroic Age minor god available to worshipers of Thor and Loki.


God Power[]


Myth Unit[]

  • BattleBoarIcon.png Battle Boar: Fast moving construct that goes berserk and bucks all units around it.


Bragi's improvements are purely offensive. He has two technologies that upgrade Ulfsarks, making them better all-round and devastating to cavalry. This is very important as the Ulfsark is the only human counter to cavalry available to the Norse, and a weak one at that. His god power, Flaming Weapons, can turn the tide of a battle (especially one featuring Ulfsarks vs cavalry) bringing an easy victory to the caster.

Bragi's myth unit is the Battle Boar, one of the faster and better-armored myth units. It has a bucking attack which briefly stuns all human units (and some myth units) nearby. Bragi's other technology is Thurisaz Rune, which makes the Battle Boar charge into combat even faster and can boost slower myth units such as the Troll and Einherjar.


Son of Odin and a female giant, Bragi was the god of poetry and eloquence. He was portrayed as an old bearded man playing a harp. He spoke bluntly to Loki, following the death of Baldr, telling him he was unwelcome in Asgard. Loki became enraged and called Bragi a "braggart." Bragi threatened to rip off Loki’s head to end his lies. Loki then fled Asgard, prophesizing that the gods would all fall. Bragi is considered a late addition to the Norse/Germanic pantheon, possibly in recognition for the newly high status of bards and poets as wise men passing on knowledge and truth. Solemn oaths were sworn over the Cup of Bragi.

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