Bondi are Norse anti-cavalry infantry units that were cut from Age of Mythology in early 2002, but were later added as a hidden scenario editor unit with the Tale of the Dragon expansion.

In Age of Mythology, many of the Bondi's texture assets were left over in the files and can be added back into the game with the use of mods. The Expanded Mod re-adds the Bondi, available to the Norse in the Classical Age as cheap infantry, good vs Cavalry.

In Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, the Bondi were re-added, but however were hidden; to re-enable the Bondi for Scenario Editor usage, the player must look for and remove the <flag>NotPlayerPlaceable</flag> under its definition in the Proto XML file.

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  • The Bondi uses modified versions of the Hoplite models, thus using the same animations. They can only be spawned in the editor through file editing and/or mods. The unit is still affected by Armory and infantry technologies.
  • The Name "Bondi" comes from the name used for the Norse core of society (which included farmers and craftsmen) this core of society was the equivalent to the modern western world's middle class, the usage of the name suggests they were planned to be the backbone of the Norse military, much like the current Ulfsark.
  • Despite popular misconception, Bondi were not replaced by Ulfsarks, however their anti-cavalry ability was given to them through the Swine Array technology.
  • Due to a glitch, the unit appears to have no name in-game.

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