Barbarossa mission 1

Bohemia is one of realms that must be subdued in the Holy Roman Emperor mission.

Bohemia was a Kingdom of Central/Eastern Europe, absorbed by the Holy Roman Empire by Barbarossa and part of the modern day Czech Republic.

In Age of Empires II, Bohemia features as an antagonist in the Barbarossa and Genghis Khan campaigns and as a Real World random map in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms.

Random map Edit

"A bonus map featuring the Czech Republic in the medieval times! Complete with ruins and bears who are sadly no longer residing in these lands."

Map description

Bohemia mini map with eight players

Bohemia lies in the center of Europe, in today's territory of the Czech Republic. The in-game map is special for several reasons. First of all, not the entire map is accessible as the borders are made unreachable with cliffs. Also, players do not start off with a Town Center, but just with Villagers, like on the Nomad map. And the map features a ruin and a graveyard in the center which is unusual, as man-made objects are rare on random maps.

Overview Edit

The map has plenty of wildlife and woods and there are a lot of small rivers dividing it, but there are also vast open areas, especially in the center of the map. Food and wood is plenty, but Gold and Stone Mines are rather rare.

Environment Edit

The environment is typical European with lots of pine forests and typical wildlife. There are Sheep, Deer, Wild Boars, all of which are many. There are also Berry Bushes, but the rivers hold almost no fish. The center of the map is peculiar place, with a graveyard, a ruin, a bridge, and some lone old trees. There is also a road connecting it to another ruin in the southeast. Both places are surrounded by dirty terrain rather than grass.

Gallery Edit

Campaign antagonist Edit

Bohemia is featured in the Holy Roman Emperor scenario in the Barbarossa campaign. It is represented by the Teuton civilization, and is one of the stronger adversaries on the map. Their color is cyan.

Bohemia also appears in the The Promise scenario in the Genghis Khan campaign. It has by far the largest army of any team on the map, but no economy. Once again, Bohemia is represented by the Teutons. This time, their player color is green.

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