"Aaaah! The boars are too fierce! Run for the tower."
Villager from Circe's city

Boar (Ajax) is a variant of Ajax seen exclusively in the scenario Old Friends in the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology. Ajax and Arkantos spot a Shipwreck of a Trireme belonging to Odysseus, as the sail towards the Norselands. They immediately land on the island, and meet some odd-looking Pigs, who turn out to be Odysseus' sailors.

Then, Ajax gets turned into the shape of a Wild Boar alongside Arkantos by Circe the sorceress and can only be restored to his former self by reaching a Temple to Zeus.

History Edit

"Ajax has been turned into a boar. While this form is probably more suited to his personality, he and Arkantos are trying to get to Circe's citadel to set things straight."
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