Blood for Blood is the fourth scenario of the Kotyan Khan campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. It depicts the Cumans raiding and pillaging the Hungarian countryside as they emigrated into Bulgaria after Kotyan's assassination.

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While attending a lavish feast thrown by an Hungarian lord, Khan Kotyan was murdered in cold blood by Hungarian and German knights! Our people are outraged and are out for blood! The Hungarians think we will scatter without Kotyan's leadership, but they were wrong. They have united us in pursuit of one goal—to avenge the death of our one true Khan!

Our clan leaders have come together and taken an oath according to the old Cuman traditions: with sword in hand over a dead dog, cut in two, they will swear not to dismount their horses until Kotyan's death has been paid back in blood. If our leaders fail to honor their oath, their own clansmen will ensure that they suffer the same fate as the dog that they swore the oath upon.

That is the way of the Cumans.

We will act before the combined armies of Frederick and the Hungarian lords arrive. We know that there is a safe haven to the south in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian emperor is of Cuman descent and is ready to provide safe passage for our elderly and young.

In the meantime, all men and women able to mount a horse will venture out to raid the Hungarian countryside. Our vengeance will be swift and thorough. We will show no mercy. Hungary will burn...

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  • Travel to the Cuman camp and report for duty.
  • Search for ways to help the Hungarians.
  • Protect the Hungarian village.
  • Protect the merchant and his Trade Cart.
  • Bring Ox Carts to the Cuman camp.
  • Capture a Trebuchet from the Tatars.
  • Capture the Hungarian Transport Ships.
  • Reach the Cuman camp to the south.
  • Destroy 2 of the Hungarian Nobles' Castles.
  • Destroy 6 Hungarian villages.
  • Have 10 soldiers escape.

Hints Edit

  1. The Cumans are not able to construct any new buildings.
  2. The Hungarians will need help to fight off the Tatar raiders. Make sure you explore the area to find everyone who is in need.
  3. Ox Carts hold valuable loot, so guard them carefully. Each one that you bring to a Cuman camp will give you resources and a free Kipchak cavalry unit.

Scouts Edit

Your scouts report:

  • King Bela has called upon his noblemen and Cuman allies to rally in preparation for the upcoming Mongol invasion. A band of Cuman warriors (1, Green) has arrived from the north to meet with the local Cuman chief (5, Cyan) at a nearby camp to report for duty. There is another camp like it on the southern side of the Danube River.
  • The Hungarians (3, Blue) need your help. They have several villages scattered throughout the region and are under constant threat from Tatar raiders (5, Yellow). These raiders operate out of a camp to the east.
  • The Hungarian Nobles (6, Orange) in the region have answered the call to arms from their king with hesitation and seem to resent their king. News has reached us that Duke Frederick (2, Red) and his Austrian knights have also arrived to help fight the Mongols, but rumor has it that they are inciting even more discontent among the Hungarian nobility.

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We left no stone unturned and spared no living being. Every shack, hovel, and hut was burned to the ground, all livestock killed, and all farms trampled to dust.

After we had plundered the last village before crossing into Bulgaria, I looked over my shoulder and saw nothing but a nightmarish vision of red and black–as if we had brought hell to the surface of the earth itself.

The Hungarians will think twice in the future before double-crossing us.

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