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This article is about the special unit in Age of Empires. For the regular unit in Age of Empires, see Priest (Age of Empires).

A respected fellow who really stinks at hide-and-seek.

The Blind Lame Priest is a hero unit in Age of Empires. It has the same appearance as an ordinary Priest and the same abilities (namely to convert enemies and heal allied units). However:

  • they only have a conversion range of 2
  • they are unable to move
  • they can't see, or be selected in the Fog of War
  • they don't benefit from Astrology (+30% healing/conversion speed), Mysticism (+100% hit points), Polytheism (+40% movement), or Afterlife (+3 range)
  • they heal units more than three times as fast as an unupgraded Priest (10 hit points per second)

Their healing capability is exceptional. In the Definitive Edition, and in the original game before The Rise of Rome, an unupgraded Blind Lame Priest can heal even faster than a fully upgraded Priest. While they don't benefit from Astrology, they do benefit from the much larger healing bonus of Medicine. However, the unit being healed must stand very close, as the Blind Lame Priest cannot move. They can face another direction if the unit being healed or converted is adjacent or within range, respectively.

Since Blind Lame Priests have no vision whatsoever, they can only be selected if they are within the Line of Sight of another unit or building. If they are attacked while behind the Fog of War, the player will be notified as usual, and see the attacker, but won't be able to see the Blind Lame Priest to order a response. They will automatically attempt to convert attackers if possible, however. It is easy to miss the death of a Blind Lame Priest in the Fog of War, so it may be worth checking the "Units Lost" stat if there's a possibility of it. This is found in Menu->Achievements->Military in the original game, or Menu->Statistics->Military in the Definitive Edition.

Blind Lame Priests appear in the The Assassins scenario, and can be placed in the Scenario Editor. They are not present in Return of Rome.


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