The Black family plays an important role in shaping the New World against the actions of the Circle of Ossus in Age of Empires III.

Family tree Edit

1500s  Morgan Black + Elisabet Ramsey? (Due to Morgan's prolonged lifespan, he could have had his children later on in the 1600s, meaning Elizabeth was not the mother)
                    |                                                       Unknown Iroquois + Unknown Iroquois
1600s (Very late)     4 sons, including    Stuart & Phillip Black + Unknown                  |
                                                                  |                      ____|____
                                                                  |                     |         |
1700s (Early)                                                 John Black      +       Nonahkee Kanyenke
1700s                                             Nathaniel Black + Unknown
1800s                                                Amelia Black + Unknown Sioux(Lakota)
1800s                                                       Chayton Black

Campaigns Edit

Morgan and Elisabet are featured in Act I of Age of Empires III. Stuart and John are featured in Act II of that game. Amelia is in Act III of the original. Nathaniel featured in Act I of The WarChiefs and Chayton during Act II of the same game. Phillip never features.

Allies Edit

Main articles: Sahin, Elisabet Ramsey, Kanyenke, Major Cooper, George Washington, Crazy Horse, Simón Bolívar.

Sahin was the Ottoman general who first attacked Morgan Black on Malta. However, Morgan eventually learned that his enemy was not Sahin, but his own commander Alain Magnan. Sahin then joined forces with Morgan in order to destroy the The Fountain of Youth.

Elizabet Ramsey was a Pirate in the caribbean sea during Morgan Black's voyage to the new world. Eventually the two joined forces and attacked Alain and the Circle. It is implied that Elizabet was the mother to Morgan's sons as Amelia (while narrating) explained that people say she 'has a pirate's temper'.

Kanyenke is probably the Black Family's most trusted friend. He was a friend and a brother-in-law to John Black; an uncle and a teacher to Nathaniel Black; and he was the voice of wisdom to Amelia during the final destruction of the Circle of Ossus.

George Washington was a major in the British Army when he first met John Black, but his main involvement with the Black family was when he and Nathaniel Black led American/Iroquois troops during the American Revolutionary War.

Major Cooper was a US cavalry officer. His cavalry were assigned to protect Amelia Black's Falcon Company as it laid railways from coast to coast. Cooper and Amelia became good friends before Cooper was killed by Beaumont, the Circle's leader at the time. Amelia sorrowfully buries his body in Florida.

Simón Bolívar was the man who led many revolutions against the Spanish in South America. Amelia Black assisted him in freeing several smaller villages, before moving on to the last Inca city and continuing the battle against the Circle.

Crazy Horse was an important Sioux leader who defeated Custer at the Little Big Horn. Chayton Black fought alongside him - after briefly fighting against him while trying to lay more railroads for the Falcon Company.

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