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This article is about the unit in Age of Empires. For the unit in Age of Empires III, see Black Rider (Age of Empires III).

A group of Black Riders

Black Riders are cheat units that can be spawned or created in two different ways. They can be spawned when a Medusa is killed or they can simply replace both the Horse Archer and the Heavy Horse Archer if the cheat code "BLACK RIDER" is summoned. They have the same stats as a Heavy Horse Archer, but have slightly fewer hit points and deal +1 attack (compared to a fully upgraded Heavy Horse Archer). Black Riders start out with 60 hit points, 8 attack, 7 range, 2 pierce armor, and no melee armor. The stats can be upgraded just like any unit trained at the Archery Range. When they die, they become a Catapult, Heavy Catapult, or Big Bertha. Black Rider is also available in the Scenario Editor (Definitive Edition only).


Tool Age[]

Bronze Age[]

Iron Age[]


  • Civilization bonuses have no effect on Black Riders, with the exception of cheaper cavalry and cavalry archers granted by the Yamato.
  • If the cheat code is typed after all the Storage Pit and Woodworking technologies are researched, the Black Rider will still retain the effects of these technologies.
  • Typing this cheat code after researching Alchemy will not grant an additional attack bonus.
  • Researching the Heavy Horse Archer technology after typing the cheat code will have no effect.