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This wagon blows up.
—In-game description

The Black Powder Wagon is an extremely rare wagon featured only in Act II: Shadow in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. The wagon is a suicidal unit and blows up after crashing into a Weapon Cache.


The Black Powder Wagon looks similar to the Food Wagon with a man will be sitting on top steering the wagon and with 2 horses. The wagon is loaded with barrels of explosive gunpowder. Similar to the Petard, once the Wagon rams into a Weapon Cache, it explodes upon impact destroying the building and the wagon ultimately killing itself in the process.

In the Campaign[]

The wagon makes its only appearance in the Urgent News Scenario in Act II: Shadow where a handful of the wagons are provided to clear paths by destroying enemy Weapon Caches and allowing access to attack Lakota settlements in the region. The wagons cannot be trained and a limited amount are sent throughout the scenario in small numbers.

Note: Unlike the other campaigns, the Weapon Caches can only be destroyed by the Black Powder Wagons in the scenario "Ambush!" and the wagons must be protected at all costs.

In-game dialogue language[]

The Black Powder Wagon speaks in Western American English and, as well as Comancheros, Pistoleros and Renegados, reuses Sheriff Billy Holme's dialogue files before the Definitive Edition


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