"This wagon explodes."
In-game description

The Black Powder Wagon is an extremely rare wagon featured only in Act II: Shadow in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. The wagon is a suicidal unit and blows up after crashing into a Weapon Cache.

Overview Edit

The Black Powder Wagon looks similar to the Food Wagon with a man will be sitting on top steering the wagon and with 2 horses. The wagon is loaded with barrels of explosive gunpowder. Similar to the Petard, once the Wagon rams into a Weapon Cache, it explodes upon impact destroying the building and the wagon ultimately killing itself in the process.

In the Campaign Edit

The wagon makes its only appearance in the Ambushed! Scenario in Act II: Shadow where a handful of the wagons are provided to clear paths by destroying enemy Weapon Caches and allowing access to attack Sioux settlements in the region. The wagons cannot be trained and a limited amount are sent throughout the scenario in small numbers.

Note: Unlike the other campaigns, the Weapon Caches can only be destroyed by the Black Powder Wagons in the scenario "Ambush!" and the wagons must be protected at all costs.

In-campaign dialogue language Edit

The Black Powder Wagon speak modern English with a Western American accent. They share this dialogue with other outlaw units such as Renegado, Pistolero, and Comanchero. They also share this dialogue with Sheriff Billy Holme.

  • Hi
  • Whatcha need?
  • Yeah
  • I'm ready
  • Okay
  • Sure thing
  • Right!
  • You got it!
  • I'll get 'em!

Gallery Edit

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