Black Guards is the fourth scenario in the El Cid campaign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Starting Conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Follow the Knight in order to rescue King Alfonso.
  • El Cid must survive.
  • King Alfonso must survive.
    • Escort King Alfonso to his camp to the west.
    • Destroy the 6 Black Guard Docks.
    • OPTIONAL: Bring El Cid to the Black Guard Mosque.
    • OPTIONAL: Convert the Black Guard Mosque in return for aid in defeating Yusuf and the Black Guards.

Hints Edit

  1. Save King Alfonso as quickly as possible.
  2. The sea can be an important battlefield and a good source of food. Including a navy in your strategy may prove useful.

Scouts Edit

  • Your scouts report: El Cid's forces (red) are allied with those of King Alfonso (blue).
  • There are three enemies, the Black Guard Army (cyan), the Black Guard Navy (Yellow) and Yusuf's Elite Guard (Green). The two land armies field mostly Camel and siege units. The navy trains Galleys and Spearmen.
  • All three of your enemies have walled cities with many towers, so try using Trebuchets and garrisoned Battering Rams against them. Eventually, you may need to build a navy as well. You can construct your Docks within the city of a vanquished enemy or in the no man's land between the cities.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Saracens): The player starts with the starting army at the very north of the map.

Allies Edit

  • King Alfonso's Army (Spanish): King Alfonso's Army has a small fortified town in the west of the map. Cid must safely bring Alfonso there and gains control over the city once the job is done. King Alfonso's Army resigns shortly afterwards.

Enemies Edit

  • Black Guard Army (Saracens): The Black Guard Army has a sheltered base between the cliffs in the very south. They have a forward base in the Black Guard Navy's base, however. They mostly train Cavalry Archers.
  • Black Guard Navy (Saracens): The Black Guard Navy has their base at the southern-central part of the map. They also have a Mosque in the western part of the map that is the key object for the optional objectives. As the name suggests, they have a strong navy.

Strategy Edit

Bring El Cid and his army to follow the Knight of King Alfonso to the battlefield in order to rescue King Alfonso (a Gaia unit which will immediately come to the player's control). Make sure both El Cid and the King survives the whole scenario.

The player need not to engage in the battle between King Alfonso's Army with the enemies (the player's forces include Conquistadors which cannot be replaced as they are playing with the Saracen faction, so do not lose them in this battle if they are needed later), just group the King together with El Cid's army and bring them towards the king's base (blue), where the whole base will switch to the player's control.

Note that in this scenario, the Fortified Wall upgrade is disabled for the player.

As the player discovers the Black Guard Navy's Mosque, the Monks will request El Cid to meet them at the Mosque; they will ask El Cid to send a Monk to convert the mosque. Make sure that Redemption has been researched before converting the mosque. Once the Mosque is converted, the Monks will suggest to destroy the Transport Ships of the navy, and at the same time also inviting the player's Monk to stay at the mosque so that they could teach all Monastery technologies for free, but obtained at a slow rate.

Destroying the Black Guard Army's Town Center in Africa will force them to resign, while forcing Yusuf to resign requires destroying his Town Center and his Castle.

Even though the player is asked to destroy all six Docks of the Black Guard Navy, they may actually choose to convert them instead.

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