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Large bovine.
—In-game description

The Bison or Buffalo is a four-legged cow-like creature which first appears in Age of Empires III as a western New World food source. The Bison often appear in groups of 5 or more and run away if attacked. The Bison were a good food source for the Native Americans that lived in the Western part of North America.

They have 30 hit points, which is more than other huntables.

The Lakota have shipments that give them Bisons, and there is also a team shipment for them. Also, The Wise Woman of Lakota can ships 6 Bisons in the Commerce Age, 12 Bisons in the Fortress Age, 20 Bisons in the Industrial Age, and 30 Bisons in the Imperial Age. In the Definitive Edition, the Canada Revolution can ship the Great Buffalo Hunt card which provides 10 Bison and also increase the Villager gather rate from huntable animals by 10%. The Cheyenne Trading Post technology Cheyenne Hunting Grounds also ships 12 Bison at the Home City shipment point.

Bison can be found roaming in the majority of western United States maps including Great Plains, Painted Desert, Sonora, and Texas.

The rare and elusive White Buffalo is also present in the Respect scenario in Act II: Ice and can be rescued for experience.

Further statistics[]

Other Cheyenne Hunting Grounds Cheyenne Hunting Grounds (ships 12 Bisons)
Jagiellon legacy Jagiellonian Legacy (units and resources already earned from age-ups are provided again)

Home City Cards[]

Click for a list of Home City Cards related to the Bison
Some cards are highlighted with:
Green TEAM Shipment that is sent to each player in a team
Purple Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times


Card Description Age
Canada Home City (Great Buffalo Hunt) Great Buffalo Hunt Ships 10 Bisons; Villagers gather from huntable animals 10% faster


Card Description Age HC level
Sioux Home City 4 (6 Bisons) TEAM Buffalo Hunt Ships 6 Bisons
Age I tech tree aoe3
Hc infinite bison 13 Bison Ships 13 Bisons
Age IV tech tree aoe 3
Sioux Home City 4 (9 Bisons) 9 Bison Ships 9 Bisons
Age I tech tree aoe3
Lakota Home City 4 (13 Bisons) 13 Bison Ships 13 Bisons
Age II tech tree aoe3
Sioux Home City 5 (Lakota Support) Lakota Support Ships 7 Axe Riders and 9 Bisons; costs 1,000 coin
Age III tech tree aoe3

United States[]

Card Description Age
United States Home City 3 (TEAM Louisiana Purchase) TEAM Louisiana Purchase Ships 1 Covered Wagon; existing and new Town Centers spawn 3 Bisons; costs 1,000 coin
Age III tech tree aoe3


Scientific Name: Bison bison
Approx. Size: 5 ft. at the shoulder, 2,000 lb.
Diet: Prairie grasses

Bison are massive, shaggy cattle that once inhabited the central plains of North America in the hundreds of millions. The Native Americans of the plains relied heavily on the migrating herds. Native Americans, grizzly bears, and, later, European settlers were the only hunters capable of slaying bison. Bison have huge heads with short curved horns and a large, heavily furred hump at their shoulders.

Calfs born with white fur are very rare; they are significant in Native American traditions and are greeted with ceremony and prayer.


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