Betrayal at Sikyos is the seventh scenario of The New Atlantis campaign in Age of Mythology: The Titans. The main objective is to fend off armies of Prometheans until it is time to rescue Kastor.

Summary Edit

Having escaped the peak of Mount Olympus, Kastor is devastated to find Sikyos nearly leveled by the Titan Prometheus. Krios, now confirmed to be a Servant of Kronos, reveals that he tricked Kastor into destroying important monuments and killing followers of the Gods so that their hold on the Titans would weaken.

The Atlanteans are now divided between those who continue to follow Kastor and who felt betrayed by him, with Kastor being cornered by the latter.

Amanra and Ajax arrive just in time to rescue him, but it’s only a matter of time until Prometheus notices them.

Objectives Edit

  1. Build up a base and survive the Titan’s onslaught for fifteen minutes.
  2. Build three Rocs and send them to Kastor’s Town Center.

Players Edit

Neutral Edit

  • Sikyos (Hades) – The city is currently being destroying by Prometheus. Once it’s completely gone, the Titan will move on to another target.
  • Tricked Atlanteans (Kronos) – Consists of a small town of angry Atlanteans who felt betrayed by Kastor. They are neutral to the player's forces, and only attack Kastor. They are of little concern, and Kastor's forces can easily destroy them.

Enemies Edit

  • Titan of Prometheus (Kronos) - Consists solely of Prometheus, and the Prometheans he spawns via his special attack.
  • Promethean Horde (Zeus) - The main threat in this scenario, these are Prometheans that will be spawned in considerable numbers, around Prometheus. When the survive countdown ends (15 minutes), Prometheus himself will also come under their control, and attack the player.

Allies Edit

  • Kastor (Oranos) – He will be busy fighting off the followers of Krios. He is of little concern and can actually handle himself well enough for the duration of the scenario.

Strategy Edit

Prometheus vs Sikyos

Prometheus, destroying the city of Sikyos.

This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty.

Players should immediately cast the Citadel God power to strengthen their defenses and obtain a population boost. Next, some laborers should gather Food to train more Laborers while others build at least one or two Temples. Enemy attacks will be frequent but will consist solely of Prometheans. Using the Temple and Citadel, the player should train Priests as well as some Villagers and nothing else. Priests are ideal as they have great range, do bonus damage to Myth Units and can heal each other, increasing their longevity. Players can also use the nearby cliffs surrounding the southern edge of the city for additional defensive support. Entrances to some these cliffs such as the cliff just north of the player's base can be walled off and gated to discourage attacks from the Promethean Horde or the Titan. Ajax and Amanra should still be at the front of the army at all times as they regenerate. To fund the mass production of Priests, at least a dozen Laborers should be tasked on mining Gold. There is one medium Gold Mine directly south of the Town Center but there also two large ones hidden to the east just beyond the fog of war.

Some Laborers should wall off the northernmost and south-west passes to focus the attacks on the west pass, making attacks more predictable. When walling up the northern passageway, players should be careful not to attract attention from the Titan or the Promethean Horde, especially when walling up the city entrances. Once enough priests have been trained to hold off the attacks, monuments need to be built to generate enough Favor to train three Rocs. Once trained, they can be sent off immediately to Kastor’s Town Center. It will be explained why when the fifteen minutes run out.

If Prometheans arrive before the player is prepared, they can cast Ancestors to buy some time. The Son of Osiris will deal the greatest damage to the Prometheans and their offspring. However, since the unit cannot be healed it should always stand behind the Priests for protection. If there are spare Priests available, they can be used to empower the Citadel or Temple to speed up training times or the resource drop sites to increase the player’s income.

When there is less than three minutes left, Prometheus will have finished destroying Sikyos and will head towards the player’s base. There is no use in fighting the Titan as its regenerating speed is too high. Instead, the Titan should be baited away by sending lone units running past it towards the desired location. Alternatively, the player can just send the all the remaining Priests at the top of the cliff just north of the player's base and wall it off.

When the timer runs out, Amanra will request that three Rocs be sent to Kastor’s Town Center to rescue him from the tricked Atlanteans. If the previous instructions have already been followed, the Rocs should already be present and victory will be granted.

Easy victory Edit

Set all your villagers on building a temple, a house and getting 450 gold. Set your Son of Osiris to empower the temple, and train 3 Rocs. When the Rocs are completed, load all your units and villagers into the Rocs and move them to Kastor's base. Do not worry about your old base, it will be overrun and the enemy will not be able to attack you anymore since Kastor's base is located on a separate island. In Kastor's base, set your villagers to wall off the narrow pass leading into the base. This will prevent the "enemy" Atlanteans, which are flagged as neutral towards you, from attacking the wall and as an added bonus, they will not be able to attack Kastor. Sit back for 15 minutes and make sure your rocs are located near Kastor's town center for an easy victory.

Additional Advice Edit

  • Players may build an Armory if they need to strengthen their Heroes, but any technology increasing Pierce Armor will be useless.
  • A useful technology to research is New Kingdom, which will grant an extra Pharaoh, useful for either empowering buildings or fighting off attacks.
  • The Son of Osiris is an aggressive unit and tends to attack ahead of the front line. Players should keep a watchful eye on the unit and keep it away from action due to its inability for it to be healed, making it vulnerable to enemy onslaught.

Trivia Edit

  • Prometheus' appearance deviates greatly from the mythological descriptions, as well as the Major God portrait.
    • Kronos also has a monstrous appearance, this might be connected to some sort of mutation/corruption in Tartarus.
  • Also, Prometheus wasn't imprisoned in Tartarus, but chained to a rock in Caucasus, by Zeus (for helping mankind), where an eagle ate his liver every day (yet it regenerated every night).
    • Most important of all, in classical mythology, Prometheus was a beneficial being for humans, not a threat.
  • Killing the Titan by amassing cheat codes will not result in victory.
  • After 30 seconds have passed upon starting this scenario, a trigger will emit a roaring sound and will cause the entire screen to tremble every two minutes. Even if the Titan is killed by using cheats, this trigger will not stop until the game ends.
  • The difficulty chosen for the scenario affects Kastor's AI. When playing on titan, he will actually raze the tricked Atlanteans in no time, making the player wonder why he should even be rescued.
  • Invoking the Citadel god power on Kastor's Town Center onset of the game will cause Kastor not to train anything and will eventually be outrun by the Tricked Atlanteans.
    • Despite this, it will have no bearing in the scenario, and the player can still complete the objectives by sending Rocs on Kastor's base even if he falls unconscious and his base wiped out.

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