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Hero on a Pegasus. Good against myth units.
—In-game description

Bellerophon is the Mythic Age hero for Zeus in Age of Mythology.

Special Ability[]

Leap: Bellerophon rides a Pegasus allowing him to leap into combat dealing 60 hack damage, with a jump range of 14.



Relic bonuses[]


Bellerophon is the hardest-hitting Greek hero, doing the most damage with his regular attack and with his special leap attack doing a whopping 60 damage, which combined with his multiplier allows him to kill many myth units in one hit. His attack bonus against myth units is slightly lower that other Greek Heroes but will still destroy them with ease. His leap attack is also useful for going behind the enemy frontline to tear apart archers and especially long-range siege weapons. Like other Greek heroes, he is well rounded with no real weaknesses.


Aom original icon Age of Mythology[]

  • Bellerophon's special attack does 100 hack damage.

AoM Extended icon Tale of the Dragon[]

  • Bellerophon's special attack does 70 hack damage.
  • With patch 2.8, Bellerophon's special attack does 60 hack damage.


Age -- 18
Homeland -- Corinth
Occupation -- prince and equestrian
Special attack -- leaps into combat against myth units

The son of a king of Corinth, a city noted for horses, Bellerophon was trained from youth to be the great horseman of his age. At the age of sixteen, he set out for adventure, but a jealous rival tricked him into the dangerous quest of killing the Chimera. This fire-breathing beast was terrorizing the countryside of Lycia carrying off people and livestock. Consulting a local wise man, he was instructed to pray to Athena. In a dream, the goddess told Bellerophon of a golden bridle that could be used to catch the Pegasus. When he awoke he had the bridle, with which he caught the Pegasus drinking at a forest well. He was able to control the beast thanks to the bridle and his equestrian skill. Together they flew to the Chimera's cliff ledge. There he shot arrows into the beast and lodged a lump of lead in its throat. The Chimera's fiery breath melted the lead, choking it to death.

After other adventures, a princess of Lycia married him willingly and he eventually became king. His thirst for adventures returned, however, and then he mistakenly attempted to reach Olympus on Pegasus. An angry Zeus sent a fly to bite Pegasus and Bellerophon was thrown off. Though Athena spared him by having him fall onto soft ground, he wandered alone for the rest of his life, searching for Pegasus, and died a lame beggar.
—In-game help section



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