The Behemoth is an Atlantean Heroic Age siege myth unit in Age of Mythology: The Titans expansion, available through the worship of Rheia.

Special Ability Edit

Regenerates 1.0 HP per second. (2.0 in Tale of the Dragon)

Attack Bonuses Edit

God Bonuses and Upgrades Edit

General Edit

Kronos Reduces food and favor cost by 10%.

Strategy Edit

The Atlanteans normally don't get effective siege weapons until the Mythic Age but Rheia grants an effective building killer in the Heroic Age. Behemoths can regenerate lost hit points during a battle making them one of the most durable myth units in the game. For worshipers of Gaia this regenerating ability can be furthered by worshiping Hekate in the Mythic Age. Due to the high amount of crush damage they can deal, Behemoths are an ideal alternative for a siege weapon and allow the Atlanteans to attack a town earlier than usual. It is resistant against ranged units and extremely effective against buildings.

Behemoths can be employed to combat human soldiers and myth units, however it is generally better if players micromanage these units to focus on buildings while a player's supporting army clears out all other units. Behemoths have low hack armor and, like regular siege weapons, will quickly fall under the concentrated attack of melee units. As with all myth units, they are weak against Heroes.

Mythology Edit

Scientific name -- Gylptodon coelodontis
Size -- About 18' long
Diet -- Stones and snow

"The Titans languished in Tartarus. The Olympians who trapped them there wished to punish us, worshippers of the Titans. They hunted us, but we hid in the shadow of Behemoth who was as tall as the mountains and twice as long. He protected us, bellowing as Zeus's lightning struck his thick armor. Caladria blessed Behemoth and healed him after every stroke of Zeus's lightning. The Olympians could not break tireless Behemoth and they returned to Olympus. We were safe."

-- Oaths of the Oracles, The Lay of Ioleta

Biology Edit

The Behemoth's scientific name suggests it is a mammalian creature in the same genus as the Glyptodon. Its body seems to resemble an armadillo and its frilled head is similar to a Triceratops, but with large tusks instead of horns.

Trivia Edit

  • The Behemoth is one of three Judeo-Christian based Myth Units. The other two are the Golem and the Leviathan.
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