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This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Battle Boar (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

The Battle Boar is a constructed Heroic Age Norse myth unit, available by worshiping Bragi.

Special attack[]

Berserk: kicks and bucks adjacent enemy units, sending them flying away, causing 10 hack damage (30 to myth units) and briefly stunning them. This works on all human units plus the following humanoid, infantry-like myth units: the Anubite, Cyclops, Einherjar, Minotaur, Scorpion Man, Mummy, and Avenger. Recharge time: 18 seconds.

Attack bonuses[]

God bonuses and upgrades[]


Loki reduces favor cost by 10%.


The Battle Boar is a tough, fast myth unit who goes bucking at adjacent units. Units that are bucked around are defenseless and easy pickings for other units, especially ranged ones. They are best used to charge into enemy formations at the beginning of a battle to disrupt them before the main force comes in to mop up the disorientated units before they can recover.

They are fairly fast and well-armored so need little micromanagement once they charge into a formation. Like all myth units, the best way to counter them is by using heroes.


Scientific name -- None (artificial construct)
Size -- 800 lbs.
Diet -- fueled by peat and magic

Freyr, the brother of Freyja, had a chariot drawn by two boar that were not living animals, but were forged by the dwarves Brokk and Eitri. Gullinbursti ("golden mane") had glowing bristles that lit up the dark. He could run faster than any horse, over sky and water. The dwarves manufactured the battle boar as a result of a wager with Loki over which dwarf could make the best gift for the Norse gods. Eitri placed a pig's hide in the forge, while Brokk worked the bellows. A fly that may have been Loki tried to bite Brokk and distract him from doing his work. Gullinbursti's poor, forgotten brother boar was named Slidrugtanni.




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