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This article is about the goddess in Age of Empires: Mythologies. For the god in Age of Mythology, see Bast.

Bast is the goddess of war and an Egyptian minor god in Age of Empires: Mythologies. She is available to worshipers of Ra, Isis and Set.

God Power[]

  • Eclipse: Bast's Eclipse power shrouds the battlefield in darkness, making friendly Myth units more powerful and preventing the use of other God Powers for 4 turns.


  • Heroes gain +5% Attack and +2 Movement.


  • Sacred Cats: Villagers gain +3 Movement.
  • Adze of Wepawet: Villagers have the cost of moving through forest tiles reduced to 1.
  • Lion's Ferocity: Human Heavy Infantry and Human Cavalry gain +10% Attack and +5% Defense.
  • Criosphinx: Sphinxes gain +10% HP, +10% Attack and +5% Defense.

Myth Unit[]

  • Sphinx: A relatively expensive but fast and hard hitting Myth Unit.