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This article is about the goddess in Age of Mythology. For the goddess in Age of Empires: Mythologies, see Bast (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

You have advanced to the Classical Age under the Protection of Bast.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology

Bast is a Classical Age Egyptian minor goddess in Age of Mythology. She is available to Isis and Ra.


God Power[]

  • EclipseIcon.png Eclipse: +50% attack and +20% speed for all myth units. Blocks other God Powers for its duration (1 minute).


  • SacredCats.png Sacred Cats: Farm gather rate +10%
  • AdzeOfWepwawet.png Adze of Wepwawet: Laborers can chop down trees in one hit; wood gather rate +10%
  • Criosphinx.png Criosphinx: Sphinx +50 hit points, +20% hack, +50% crush damage
  • Hieracosphinx.png Hieracosphinx: Sphinx +20% speed, a further +20% hack and +50% crush damage

Myth Unit[]

  • SphinxIcon.png Sphinx: Fast-moving melee unit effective at raiding and destroying buildings.


Bast's bonuses are economic; two of her technologies increase resource gather rates. Note though that wood is usually not important to the Egyptians until the Heroic Age, when siege weapons (such as the Catapult) appear, but in water maps the Adze of Wepwawet is extremely important, as Laborers can gather extra wood for Fishing Ships or Kebenit rushes.

Her myth unit, the Sphinx, is a powerful Classical Age unit, especially when fully upgraded to a Hieracosphinx. These are fast and have excellent crush attack, meaning they can take out units and buildings alike in rushes.

Bast's god power, Eclipse, can be used to increase her Myth Unit's attack further and make them move rapidly (7.4 speed), increasing their rushing potential and making them alarmingly dangerous. This technology also has defensive potential, as it temporarily blocks other God Powers (not unlike Fimbulwinter and Ceasefire). It is usually more effective in later stages of the game, when more Myth Units appear, and especially when a Titan is in an army.


A daughter of Ra, Bast was the goddess of the cat, considered a sacred animal in ancient Egypt. She was usually associated with the moon, perhaps because cat eyes can shine in moonlight. A special necropolis at her cult center in Bubastis held huge numbers of mummified cats. Together, Bast and the lioness-headed Sekhmet killed the great serpent Apep that tried to swallow Ra and turn the world into darkness.


  • Originally, Bast had access to a technology called "Fertility" which decreased the time it took for Egyptian Villagers to train. Fertility was most likely removed due to being too much of a bonus, making the other Classical Age minor gods irrelevant and making Ra and Isis too powerful.
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