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This article is about the building in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. For the building in Age of Empires: Return of Rome, see Barricade (Age of Empires).

The Barricade is an unconstructable building in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. Its use is to block passages and delay enemy units.

The Barricade is weaker than most buildings, but still significantly stronger than the Palisade Wall, and can be a dangerous obstacle if there are opposing ranged units behind. There are four different models of the Barricade. Barricades can be found in campaign scenarios, and in the Scenario Editor under the "Building" tab (previously under the "Other" tab).

Campaign appearances[]

CampaignIcon-SaladinDE Saladin[]

  • An Arabian Knight: There are some Barricades by the Stable belonging to the Eastern Franks.
  • Lord of Arabia: Reynald's Bandits' northern camp is lightly defended with barricades.

CampaignIcon-KhanDE Genghis Khan[]

  • Pax Mongolica: One of the player's Guard Towers has several barricades in front of them.

CampaignIcon-SforzaDE Sforza[]

CampaignIcon-BariDE Bari[]

  • Arrival at Bari: There are several Barricades within Bari, with several blocking off gates leading into the inner city.

CampaignIcon-FranciscoDE Francisco de Almeida[]

  • The Old World: The Isabelistas' portion of Zamora has barricades blocking off sections of the city.

CampaignIcon-SundjataDE Sundjata[]

  • Hunted: The city of Niani has barricades blocking off certain passages.

CampaignIcon-BayinnaungDE Bayinnaung[]

CampaignIcon-Ivaylo Ivaylo[]

CampaignIcon-GajahMadaDE Gajah Mada[]

CampaignIcon-Pachacuti Pachacuti[]

CampaignIcon-EdwardDE Edward Longshanks[]

  • Hammer of the Scots: The southern Palisade Wall protecting the base of the English army is initially further reinforced by Barricades, blocking off the entrances.

CampaignIcon-DukesDE The Grand Dukes of the West[]

  • The Maid Falls: The starting Burgundian camp is protected by barricades.

32 jadwiga normal Jadwiga[]

  • The Matter of the Crown: The two bridges east and west of the starting area are blocked off with Barricades, by Opole troops.
  • The Siege of Vilnius: There are Barricades inside Vilnius by the broken bridge, and on the edge of the main Teutonic camp.
  • Vytautas' Crusade: The bridge northeast leading to Golden Horde territory is initially blocked off by Barricades, before the attack of the Golden Horde. The town of Vozia also has a Barricade.
  • The Fruits of Her Labor: Polish army has Barricades by the besieged Teutonic forts. The eastern fort also has some Barricades by its walls.

Jan Zizka icon Jan Zizka[]

  • The Golden City: The two side of the bridge in Prague are protected by Barricades. German Mercenaries have blocked off the eastern and southern supply routes with Barricades.

Devapala Icon Devapala[]

  • Liberation?: The eastern entrance into the main Rashtrakutas' base is blocked off by Barricades.
  • Enlightenment: A few Barricade are part of the Palisade Wall in Jayapala's northwest base.

Babur Icon Babur[]

Rajendra Icon Rajendra[]

  • The Successor: A Barricade blocks off the northern entrance into the jungles east of Chalukyas Elephant enclosure.

Ismail Icon Ismail[]

  • Khata'i: The Ottomans initially have several Barricades blocking off the initial battle. These are removed when the Ottomans begin baiting the Persians into an ambush.

Tamar Icon Tamar[]

  • The Protectorate: Barricades block off access to the western flag within Shamkor.


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