Barrage is a Chinese Classical Age god power in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon that is available to worshipers of Chang'e. When cast, it sends down a barrage of arrows to damage enemy units. Each volley of arrows does 70 hack and 15 crush damage (×2 against ships) in a radius of 10. The minimum amount of damage dealt is 600.

Strategy Edit

Barrage can be used to target any spot, but is most effective on large groups of units. Buildings are also affected but to a much lesser extent. The arrows do almost no damage against villagers, so it is not very effective in disrupting economies. Airborne units are not affected at all. It can be used to stop or delay the opponent at building Town Centers or important key buildings, especially Norse players who require infantry units to construct buildings.

The purpose of Barrage is primarily to thin out enemy troops, making it easier for the player's units to finish them off. The arrows will typically kill three enemy units and cause significant damage to other ones nearby. Barrage has very poor accuracy, however and if used on a small group of raiders, most arrows will miss their targets. It is not unusual for the arrows to accidentally kill nearby wild animals.

Changelog Edit

Tale of the Dragon Edit

  • Initially, Barrage could not damage villagers. This was changed in patch 2.0.
  • Initially, Barrage has 8 range, deals minimum 500 damage, and has no bonus damage. With patch 2.7, range is increased to 10, minimum damage is increased to 600, and it deals double damage to ships.

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