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This article is about the building in Age of Empires II. For similar buildings in other games of the series, see Barracks.

Used to create and improve infantry. Required for Archery Range, Stable.
Age of Empires II description

The Barracks is the first military building available for construction in Age of Empires II; prerequisite to building the Archery Range and Stable. It trains and improves infantry.

Tactics and placement[]

As the Barracks is the first military building that enables a player to create military units it is highly important to have at least one as soon as the player can afford it in order to defend themselves. Having a Barracks early in the game is important even if the player does not intend to use infantry units (unless they are Khmer), because it is prerequisite to build Archery Ranges and Stables.

The Barracks is a vital building when performing early game rushes like the Dark Age rush and Feudal Age infantry rush. Also placing Barracks close to an enemy's base gives the player an edge to cut off distances for the troops as they can be created near to the opponent and attack more effectively since infantry units trained there move rather slowly (except for Eagle Warriors). When playing defensively the Barracks should be placed within fortifications in order to produce support units that can deal with many siege units, many cavalry units, and trash units.

In the Goths' case they must use their Barracks extensively for offensive and defensive purposes as their Barracks' work extremely fast, enabling them to mass infantry at an incredibly high rate. Defensively, Goths should always substitute fortifications with just Barracks as they don't have access to Stone Walls and Guard Towers.

Trainable units and technologies[]

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Blue: Units
Green: Technologies
Purple: Unique units
DarkageDE.png FeudalageDE.png CastleageDE.png ImperialageDE.png
Militiaavailable.png Manatarmsavailable.png Longswordsmanavailable.png Twohandedswordsmanavailable.png Championavailable.png
Spearmanavailable.png Pikemanavailable.png Halberdieravailable.png
Eaglescoutavailable.png Eaglewarrioravailable.png Eliteeaglewarrioravailable.png
Suppliesavailable.png Squiresavailable.png Condottiero (Italians only)

The Goths can also train Huskarls at the Barracks once Anarchy is researched.

Availability grid[]

The following table shows the availability of the units and technologies for every civilization. Unique units and units and technologies that are available to all civilizations are not shown in the table. An 'X' in the last column indicates that all units and technologies are available. A 'V' in the last column indicates that all units (except Eagle Warriors) and technologies are available.

Available.png = Available
Unavailable.png = Unavailable
Civilization Twohanded aoe2DE.png Champion aoe2DE.png Aoe2-infantry-2-pikeman.png Halberdier aoe2DE.png Eaglescout aoe2DE.png Eaglewarrior aoe2DE.png Eliteeaglewarrior aoe2DE.png SquiresDE.png Suplliesicon.png ArsonDE.png All
CivIcon-Aztecs.png Aztecs
Civ icon bengalis.png Bengalis
CivIcon-Berbers.png Berbers
Bohemians Icon.png Bohemians V
CivIcon-Britons.png Britons V
CivIcon-Bulgarians.png Bulgarians
Menu techtree burgundians.png Burgundians
CivIcon-Burmese.png Burmese V
CivIcon-Byzantines.png Byzantines V
CivIcon-Celts.png Celts
CivIcon-Chinese.png Chinese
CivIcon-Cumans.png Cumans
Civ Icon Dravidians.png Dravidians V
CivIcon-Ethiopians.png Ethiopians
CivIcon-Franks.png Franks V
CivIcon-Goths.png Goths
Civ Icon Gurjaras.png Gurjaras
CivIcon-Hindustanis.png Hindustanis V
CivIcon-Huns.png Huns
CivIcon-Incas.png Incas X
CivIcon-Italians.png Italians
CivIcon-Japanese.png Japanese V
CivIcon-Khmer.png Khmer
CivIcon-Koreans.png Koreans V
CivIcon-Lithuanians.png Lithuanians
CivIcon-Magyars.png Magyars
CivIcon-Malay.png Malay
CivIcon-Malians.png Malians
CivIcon-Mayans.png Mayans
CivIcon-Mongols.png Mongols
CivIcon-Persians.png Persians
Poles Icon.png Poles
CivIcon-Portuguese.png Portuguese
CivIcon-Saracens.png Saracens
Menu techtree sicilians.png Sicilians V
CivIcon-Slavs.png Slavs V
CivIcon-Spanish.png Spanish V
CivIcon-Tatars.png Tatars
CivIcon-Teutons.png Teutons V
CivIcon-Turks.png Turks
CivIcon-Vietnamese.png Vietnamese V
CivIcon-Vikings.png Vikings
Civilization 2HandedswordsmanIcon.jpg ChampionIcon.jpg Pikeman Halberdier EagleScoutIcon.jpg EagleWarriorIcon.jpg EliteEagleWarriorIcon.jpg Squires.jpg Suplliesicon.png Arson.jpg All

Further statistics[]

Building strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Nothing
Weak vs. Everything
Hit points Masonry aoe2de.png Masonry (+10%)
ArchitectureDE.png Architecture (+10%)
Armor Masonry aoe2de.png Masonry (+1/+1, +3 building armor)
ArchitectureDE.png Architecture (+1/+1, +3 building armor)
Line of Sight TownWatchDE.png Town Watch (+4)
TownPatrolDE.png Town Patrol (+4)
Conversion defense FaithDE.png Faith
HeresyDE.png Heresy
Construction speed TreadmillCraneDE.png Treadmill Crane (+20%)
Work rate ConscriptionDE.png Conscription (+33%)
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Perfusion (+100%, Goths only)
Train cost Suplliesicon.png Supplies (Militia-line costs -15 food)
UniqueTechCastle-DE.png Kshatriyas (units cost -25% food, Gurjaras only)
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Forced Levy (Militia-line gold cost replaced by additional food, Malay only)
Other CastleAgeUnique.png Anarchy (allows creation of Huskarls, Goths only)

Civilization bonuses[]

Team bonuses[]


The Age of Kings[]

  • Tracking costs 75 food, is available for research in the Feudal Age.
  • Goths: Barracks units are 10%/15%/25% cheaper in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.

The Conquerors[]

The Forgotten[]

The African Kingdoms[]

Rise of the Rajas[]

Definitive Edition[]


Weapons were made and stored and soldiers drilled in the barracks. During the late Middle Ages, the barracks was incorporated within a castle complex. It became also the part of the castle where professional soldiers lived, ready to help defend the castle or maintain order in the surrounding countryside.