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The Barn is a campaign-exclusive building in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.


The building has the 19th century Western American architecture similar to the Baker. The Barn is be much larger than the Baker, but has the same stats and hit points. Barns provide a steady supply of food and wood crates, helping the player complete the primary objective of gathering 3,000 food ​and overall being a beneficiary resource provider.

In the campaign[]

Barns can be found in the scenarios and cinematics of the Fire campaign.

Act I: Fire[]

The Barn appears in the Valley Forge scenario alongside the Baker in the frigid terrain. 1-2 Barns can be found on the map far away west from the central river, providing a risky source of food. Enemy British Musketeers and Skirmishers patrolling the area will attack stray Villagers or Revolutionaries unwarily gathering food, sometimes proceeding to raze the entire building down.