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The Bari campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten consists of three scenarios depicting a few historical events of its namesake, the Italian city of Bari. The campaign is centered around a fictional Greek Nautikos family, where the surname "Nautikos" shows that the ancestors were sailors (Greek: ναύτης, Latin: nauta).

Andreas Nautikos is the narrator of the story, narrating the stories of the first and second scenarios as told by his father, Michael Nautikos. The main protagonist of the first scenario, Panos Nautikos, is the great-grandfather of Andreas, and the grandfather of Michael.

The campaign is present in the Definitive Edition, but has been drastically overhauled and expanded.


400 years after the fall of Rome, Italy remains viciously contested as Byzantines, Lombards, Normans, and Muslims covet the southern Italian port of Bari. Experience this chaos through the eyes of a Byzantine family, rising from the common soldiery to the nobility, and preserve the legacy of the Romans!
—In-game campaign description in Definitive Edition

The Bari campaign consists of three scenarios. The player plays as the Byzantines, and the player color is blue.

  1. Arrival at Bari (Panos Nautikos)
  2. The Rebellion of Melus (Michael Nautikos)
  3. The Great Siege (Andreas Nautikos)

In the Definitive Edition, the campaign has been completely re-designed and now has five scenarios, and the player's color is now purple.

  1. Arrival at Bari 
  2. The Rebellion of Melus 
  3. Loose Ends
  4. The Best Laid Plans
  5. The Onrushing Tide


  • In the original version, all the three main characters of the campaign are technically renamed versions of La Hire. This is not the case in the Definitive Edition.
  • With only three scenarios, the original Bari campaign is the shortest campaign in Age of Empires II and expansion packs. However, the original one is considered to be the most difficult if playing normally, as the ages and development is largely confined.
  • The Bari campaign is the only campaign in Age of Empires II in which the protagonist (the Nautikos family) is purely fictional.
  • In addition to the El Dorado campaign, this is the only classic campaign that has not been named after a campaign character.
  • With the release of the Lords of the West expansion, the Normans are represented by their own civilization.