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This article is about the Historical Battles civilization. For the revolutionary civilization, see Barbary States.

The Barbary Pirates civilization's music theme in the Definitive Edition

The Barbary Pirates are a civilization exclusive to the Historical Battles in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. They appear in the Algiers scenario as a playable civilization and as antagonists in the The Burning of USS Philadelphia scenario. They are very similar to the Moroccan civilization.


Home City Cards[]

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In-game dialogue[]

The unique units of the Barbary Pirates speak Kabyle language using dialogue files of the Barbary Corsair, except for the Bedouin Horse Archer who uses dialogue files of the Mameluke. The Ottoman units speak Turkish.


  • The Barbary Pirates were a civilization that could possibly have been intended to be playable in the Definitive Edition (outside of the Historical Battles and the Scenario Editor) due to the fact that they have unique military units and have a music theme, unlike other civilizations that appear in just one campaign scenario.
    • However, the Barbary States civilization, which is similar in some aspects, can be played normally outside of the Scenario Editor if the player revolts.
    • Its music theme is named "BarbaryCoast.mp3" in the game files. The civilization's name was possibly Barbary Coast at some point of the Definitive Edition development.
  • In the Algiers scenario of the Historical Battles, the Barbary Pirates can ship Ottoman units from their Home City and train Janissaries, Abus Guns and Mamelukes if a certain secondary objective is completed.
  • Originally, the Barbary Pirates' Home City reused the same name as the Ottoman Home City, Istanbul. This was been fixed in update 10807, which renamed the Barbary Pirates Home City to Cherchell.