Banner armies are a new mechanic in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties that is unique to the Chinese. They are pre-determined combinations of around five troops, each designed to be manufactured en masse for a large army. There are 13 banner armies; six can be trained at the War Academy and automatically spawned by the Summer Palace wonder, two can be trained at the Castle, and five can be shipped from the Home City.

Banner armies are an advantage for those without the time or skill to micromanage production, or those who plan to fight a certain type of engagement. However, the average cost of a banner army is high (except if trained at Summer Palace, which trains at no cost), since they often incorporate cavalry or artillery — this, and the fixed minimum of four soldiers at a time banner armies impose, can make it difficult to scramble troops quickly. The closest thing to a banner army possessed by any other civilization are the allied forces from the Consulate available to all three Asian civilizations.

Banner armies' training time can be decreased with the Banner School and Acupuncture Home City Cards.

War Academy Edit

The banner armies shown on the following table can also be automatically spawned by the Summer Palace wonder, but takes six to seven times longer than training them at the War Academy.

Age Army Cost Pop. Consists of
Ages colonial
OldHanArmy Old Han Army 255 food,
180 wood
6 3 Chu Ko Nu
3 Qiang Pikemen
StandardArmy Standard Army 255 food,
170 coin
5 3 Chu Ko Nu
2 Steppe Riders
MingArmy Ming Army 345 food,
120 wood
2 Qiang Pikemen
3 Keshiks
Ages fortress
TerritorialArmy Territorial Army 285 food,
255 coin
6 3 Changdao Swordsmen
3 Arquebusiers
ForbiddenArmy Forbidden Army 480 food,
350 coin
8 2 Iron Flails
2 Meteor Hammers
ImperialArmy Imperial Army 480 food,
255 coin
7 3 Arquebusiers
2 Iron Flails

Castle Edit

Age Army Cost Pop. Consists of
Ages fortress
MongolianArmy Mongolian Army 495 food,
270 wood
6 3 Keshiks
3 Hand Mortars
BlackFlagArmy Black Flag Army 170 wood,
425 coin
7 3 Arquebusiers
1 Flamethrower

Home City Card Edit

Age Army Cost Pop. Consists of HC level
Ages colonial
Chinese Home City 2 (Mandarin Duck Squad) Mandarin Duck Squad 500 food 12 8 Chu Ko Nu
1 Flamethrower
Ages fortress
Chinese Home City 2 (Beiyang Army) Beiyang Army 1,000 food 16 8 Steppe Riders
8 Keshiks
Chinese Home City 2 (Iron Cap Princes' Army) Iron Cap Princes' Army 20 12 Changdao Swordsmen
2 Flamethrowers
Ages industrial
Chinese Home City 2 (Emperor's Army) Emperor's Army 1,500 food 30 22 Arquebusiers
8 Hand Mortars
Chinese Home City 2 (Ever Victorious Army) Ever Victorious Army 2,000 food 35 8 Iron Flails
3 Flying Crows
Beiyang Army also upgrades Steppe Riders and Keshiks to Disciplined (if not already).
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