This article is about the building in Age of Empires. For the building in Age of Mythology, see Ballista Tower (Age of Mythology).

The Ballista Tower is the upgrade of Guard Tower, that is researched from the Granary once Ballistics is upgraded. Unlike its preceding towers, the Ballista Tower fires missiles similar to that of the Ballista, Helepolis, and Trireme and has a considerably lower rate of fire. However, it has a much higher attack and deals more damage per minute. The upgrade also allows the tower to deal more damage to enemy buildings (4 HP as opposed to the regular 1/10th HP from the previous upgrades). Like all towers, Ballista Towers are more resistant against stone throwing siege weapons unlike other buildings, having 18 additional siege armor against them after accounting for building armor. Against Armored Elephants, Ballista Towers have 16 extra armor.

The Ballista Tower upgrade is very expensive and takes a while to research, but pays off as it increases the DPS of all the player's towers substantially. However, the tower can still be easily destroyed by siege weapons such as the Catapult or the Helepolis which out-range it and can attack it without retaliation.

To build, they cost 150 stone, like all their predecessors.

Civilizations Edit

The Ballista Tower is a common building, and these civilizations can build them:

Civilization bonuses Edit

Buildings Tree
First Town Center
Storage Pit
Archery Range
Small Wall
Watch Tower
Siege Workshop
Medium Wall
Government Center
Sentry Tower
More Town Centers
Guard Tower
Ballista Tower