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The Baker is a building unique to the campaigns of Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.


The building has 19th century Western American architecture similar to the structure of the Barn and Feed Store. Sometimes the building is useful in training wagons, while other times, it cannot be interacted with and acts as a decor.

In the campaign[]

The Baker can be sporadically found in the Fire and Shadow campaigns.

Act I: Fire[]

The Baker appears in the Valley Forge scenario alongside the Barn in the frigid terrain. Each Baker can only train 1 Food Wagon for 100 coin, helping the player complete the primary objective of gathering 3,000 food. 4-5 Bakers will dot the map not far from the river, some being very perilous to access.

Act II: Shadow[]

The Baker makes brief appearances in the Shadow campaign except it cannot be interacted with, playing a role as a decor in the background of cinematics such as "An Opportunity" and "Sioux Country".