The Bactrian Camel is an animal in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition that is available in the Scenario Editor.

For all purposes, the Bactrian Camel is just a cosmetically different version of the Horse and Camel introduced in previous expansions. Like them, Bactrian Camels can be commanded by human players only: If assigned to Gaia in the Editor, they will be captured by the first human player to see them, like most human units and buildings, and never change allegiance unlike herdable animals. In addition, they cannot be herded by Villagers as they hold no food. Their stats are identical to Horses and Camels, and their purpose is mainly decorative just like them. Bactrian Camels can be used to scout, but their ability is limited due to having a line of sight of only 2 and no armor.

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