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The BabyPrez is a cheat unit available in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. It is an infant mounted on a tricycle armed with a single large mini-gun, hence its name. Unlike most units, the default color scheme is always the same regardless of its ownership by a different player. The BabyPrez always spawns at the most recently built Town Center. Despite its superior stats compared to a standard unit, its stats cannot be upgraded and it is vulnerable to conversion. The BabyPrez is also available in the Scenario Editor (Definitive Edition only).


  • The primary fire sound of the BabyPrez' gun is the same as the one from the original Quake shotgun, albeit without the pump-sound effect.
  • When it dies, the infant rolls forward off the tricycle with a loud cry and will remain on the ground eternally. Unlike other units, it will not decompose and disappear off the map; however, building any structure over it will remove its remains. The only other unit that shares this unique feature is the Zug 209, although with a different death animation.



BABY PREZ vs EVERY UNIT - Age of Empires- Definitive Edition

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