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This article is about the minor civilization in Age of Empires III. For other appearances of the faction in the series, see Aztecs.

The Aztecs are a minor tribe in Age of Empires III. In The WarChiefs, they are replaced by the Zapotec tribe, but are still available in custom scenarios, the Unknown map, and the original campaign.


  • Aztec eagle warrior portrait aoe3de Aztec Eagle Warrior: Aztec infantry that flings javelins from an atlatl. Good against Cavalry and Hand Shock Infantry.
  • Aztec jaguar warrior aoe3de Aztec Jaguar Warrior: Stealthy Aztec warrior armed with an obsidian sword. Good against cavalry and heavy infantry.


Age Technology Cost Effect
Age I tech tree aoe3
Aztec initiation Aztec Initiation 200 wood
200 coin
Heroes get +100% hit points and attack
Aztec chocolate recipes Aztec Chocolate Recipes 225 wood
225 coin
Ships Chest of 100 coin for every 2 minutes the game has passed, up to 30 minutes
Aztec chinampa Aztec Chinampa 175 wood
175 coin
Villagers gather food from Mills, Farms, Rice Paddies, Fields, and Haciendas 5% faster; fishing boats gather food from fishes and coin from whales 5% faster; Haciendas auto gather food 5% faster
Age IV tech tree aoe 3
FW Icon Aztec Garland Wars 600 wood
600 coin
Upgrades Aztec Eagle Warriors and Aztec Jaguar Warriors to Garland (+30% hit points); requires Champion Aztecs


The Aztecs help in the economy (food gathering from buildings, fishing, and coin shipments) and improve the effectiveness of the hero units.

Aztec Chinampa improves food gathering from Mills, Farms, Rice Paddies, Fields, and Haciendas, and Fishing Boats gather food from fishes and coin from whales 5% faster. Aztec Chocolate Recipes ships additional chests of coin, which can be useful during the mid-game. The Aztec Initiation technology doubles hero hit points and base damage, making them more effective in combat, and helping to defeat treasure guardians faster.

Their unique military units, the Aztec Jaguar Warrior and the Aztec Eagle Warrior, are useful and effective units for their roles, the first being a heavy infantry that is good against cavalry and heavy infantry, and the second using their speed to kill the enemy's heavy cavalry and shock infantry. Both units receive +30% hit points with their unique Aztec Garland Wars technology.

In-game dialogue[]

Aztec units speak an unknown variant of Nahuatl, since the in-game dialogues are neither classical nor modern Nahuatl, the same as major Aztecs civilization in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.

Note: Spelling speculative

Aztec Eagle Warrior[]

Aztec Jaguar Warrior[]


The most densely populated region of the New World in 1492 was Mesoamerica, where North and Central America meet in modern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. The people living here were called the Aztecs (also Mexica or Tenochca); they built an amazing civilization centered on their great capital city of Tenochtitlan (modern Mexico City). This was one of the largest cities in the world (with an estimated population of 200,000), and arguably more beautiful and cleaner than any contemporary capital in Europe.

The Aztecs were just one of several tribes in the area, but had risen to prominence due to their ferocity in battle and adept diplomacy. Their soldiers wielded weapons of wood and stone, and they often sought prisoners to be sacrificed in religious ceremonies. Their society depended on sophisticated agricultural techniques; from them the world learned of foodstuffs including tomatoes, corn, cocoa, and chili peppers. They were handicapped by the lack of large domesticated animals (they had no horse or ox), and the use of the wheel only in toys. Everything to be moved was carried by human porters.

Despite their large population and fighting prowess, the Aztecs fell relatively quickly to the determined Spanish conquistadores under Cortez. This was due in large part to the epidemics the Europeans brought ashore. By some estimates the Aztec population of 12 million people in 1520 had fallen to one million by 1600. The Spanish also allied with the Aztecs' enemies to increase the size of their armies, and had the advantages of steel and gunpowder weapons.
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