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This article is about the major civilization in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. For other appearances of the faction in the series, see Aztecs.
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The Aztecs (Mexica) were a powerful central American nation that was well known for its conquest of neighbors. Their power was centered in Tenochtitlan, present day Mexico city.

The Aztecs are one of the three playable Native American civilizations featured in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. They are based on the Aztec city states during the last stages of their rule, starting with the reign of Cuauhtémoc in 1520.

Home City[]

Default War Chief names
Acamapichtli, Ahuitzotl, Axayacatl, Cecetzin, Chimalpopoca, Cuitlahuac, Huanitzin, Huitzilihitl, Itzcoatl, Moctezuma, Motelchiuh, Nanacacipactzin, Tehuetzquitizin, Tenoch, Tizoc, Tlacotzin, Xochiquentzin

  • Az TradeCenter var1 Marketplace (original) - The original version of the Marketplace (Default)
  • Az TradeCenter var2 Marketplace (blue) - The blue version of the Marketplace (2 points)
  • Az parade Military Parade - The military parade marching through the city (5 points)

  • Az Academy var1 Palace (original) - The original version of the Palace (Default)
  • Az Academy var2 Palace (blue) - The blue version of the Palace with golden tiled stairs (2 points)
  • Az blowgun Blowgun Training - Blowgunners from the palace are training along the shore (5 points)

  • Az Cathedral var1 Temple (original) - The original version of the Temple (Default)
  • Az Cathedral var2 Temple (red) - The red version of the Temple (2 points)
  • Az festival 1 Xiuhmolpilli (New Fire Ceremony) Part 1/2 - The Aztec citizens preparing to celebrate the IXiuhmolpilli (New Fire Festival) at dusk (5 points)
  • Az festival 2 Xiuhmolpilli (New Fire Ceremony) Part 2/2 - The Aztec citizens celebrates the IXiuhmolpilli (New Fire Festival) by lighting bonefires throughout the city (10 points)

  • Az Manufacturing var1 Plaza (original) - The original version of the Plaza (Default)
  • Az Manufacturing var2 Plaza (blue) - The blue version of the Plaza (2 points)
  • Az lightset day Daytime Lighting - The city with the sun shining brightly (Default)
  • Az lightset Storm Stormy Night Lighting - The city on a stormy night (15 points)
  • Az lightset Night Night Lighting - The city at night (10 points)
  • Az lightset Sunrise Sunrise Lighting - The sun rises above the city (5 points)
  • Az lightset Eclipse Eclipse Lighting - The city with a total eclipse (20 points)

  • Az Dock var1 Waterfront (original) - The original version of the Waterfront (Default)
  • Az Dock var2 Waterfront (blue and red) - The blue and red version of the Waterfront (2 points)
  • Az boats Boats - Trading and fishing boats docked by the waterfront harbor (5 points)


Civilization bonuses[]

Shared Native American units[]

Villager aztec aoe3de Villager: Villager that gathers resources.
Team native aoe3de Native Scout: A Native American scout. Good for exploration, but has a weak attack.
Warrior de Warrior: Quick-training Native defender who quickly loses hit points, becoming less effective over time.
Pistolero aoe3de Pistolero: A dangerous outlaw with a pistol.
Comanchero icon aoe3de Comanchero: A dangerous outlaw on horseback.
Renegado aoe3de Renegado: A dangerous outlaw with a rifle.
Captured mortar aoe3de Captured Mortar: Artillery captured and operated by Native Americans. Fires an exploding shell at buildings or ships.
Native fishing boat aoe3de Fishing Boat: Gathers food from Fish or coin from Whales.
Native canoe aoe3de Canoe: Native boat that can attack or transport units.
War canoe aoe3de War Canoe: Strong in naval combat when built in number.

Shared Native American buildings[]

Farm aoe3de Farm: Slow, infinite source of Food. Limited to 10 gatherers.
Community plaza aoe3de Community Plaza: Task Villagers on the Community Plaza to perform a poweful ceremony.
War hut aoe3de War Hut: Trains and upgrades infantry units as well as defends an area with a ranged attack.

Unique Aztec units[]

Aztec war chief portrait aoe3de updated Aztec War Chief: The leader of your Tribe. Possesses many powerful bonuses and abilities. Explores, fights, builds Town Centers and Trading Posts.
Warrior priest de Warrior Priest: Heals injured units and are also effective in combat. Warrior Priests are extremely effective when dancing at the Community Plaza.
Eagle scout aoe3de Eagle Scout: Aztec scout that flings javelins from an atlatl. Helps the War Chief to explore the map and defeat treasure guardians.*
Coyote runner aoe3de Coyote Runner: Fast armored warrior. Good against skirmishers and artillery.
Otontin slinger Otontin Slinger: Slinger. Good against heavy infantry.
Puma spearman de Puma Spearman: Warrior armed with a deadly spear. Good against cavalry and buildings.
Arrow knight de Arrow Knight: Long-ranged noble that fires flaming arrows. Good against artillery and buildings.
Eagle runner knight portrait aoe3de updated Eagle Runner Knight: Nobleman that flings javelins from an atlatl. Good against cavalry and Coyote Runners.
Jaguar prowl knight portrait aoe3de updated Jaguar Prowl Knight: Stealthy noble armed with an obsidian sword. Good against cavalry and heavy infantry.
Skull knight aoe3de Skull Knight: Aztec elite berserker.
Tlaloc aoe3de Tlaloc Canoe: Strong in naval combat when built in number.

Unique Aztec buildings[]

Nobles aoe3de Nobles' Hut: A powerful temple that provides an excellent defense and trains elite Aztec units.

Unique Aztec ceremonies[]

Healing dance Healing Ceremony: Units regenerate hit points while idle
Garland war dance Garland War Ceremony: Spawns Skull Knights


The majority of Aztec military units are unique to the civilization, with the exception of Canoes and War Canoes. The entire Aztec army is composed of infantry. They can build the Nobles' Hut and War Hut which are their counterpart to the European Blockhouse. They have identical range unless using the Stone Towers card which allow Aztec defensive buildings (0-24>0-30 and 0-40>0-46) to have greater range than all European structures (including European Forts lacking the Revetment upgrade). This extra range is enough to outrange many artillery pieces as well and most enemy ships (with exception to long-range special attacks).

Almost all of the Aztec units are melee units (including their War Chief), with the exception of Otontin Slingers, Eagle Runner Knights, and the longest ranged archer, the Arrow Knight.

Like the Aztecs of Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, the Aztecs lack cavalry and artillery units that other Native American civilizations have access to. To compensate for this, the Aztecs also have specialized infantry units that fulfill similar roles. The Coyote Runner makes up for their lack of cavalry. Their ranged cavalry unit is represented by the Eagle Runner Knight. The Arrow Knight, whose range is the best of all archers, is specially designed to tear down buildings and fulfills the role as a weak Mortar and anti-artillery Culverin to protect their vulnerable all-infantry armies from artillery fire.

Instead of Healers, the Aztecs have Warrior Priests who can heal just as well as the Healer, but also have a high attack, and can dance at the Community Plaza, counting as two Villagers.

At the beginning of each match, the locations of all Trading Posts and minor civilization settlements will be revealed to Aztec players and their allies.


Age3DE Icon Definitive Edition[]

  • With update 14825, the Aztecs' civilization music theme was updated.

Age3DE Icon The African Royals[]

Campaign appearances[]

Despite one of the players in Temples of the Aztec being named "Aztecs", they are portrayed by the Native Americans civilization rather than the Aztecs.

In-game dialogue[]

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Main article: Aztecs' dialogue lines

Aztec units speak an unknown variant of Nahuatl, since the in-game dialogues are neither classical nor modern Nahuatl or possibly a mix of Yucatec, Kaqchikel, Kʼicheʼ, Mam and other languages. For example, lumberjacks say ajsi, which means "wood worker" in some Mayan languages like Yucatec (si means "wood", aj- is a prefix denoting profession). Builders say ajtsaq, which means "bricklayer" in several Mayan languages including Kaqchikel.
The spoken lines themselves are also used by Aztecs in Age of Empires II.
Note: Spelling speculative


  • Oc? - Yes?
  • Bant' ney
  • Comantsi
  • Cuh - I'm going(?)
  • Oc - Yes
  • Ic com
  • Zebiok! - Attack!
  • Zhunqey! - Attack!
  • Oc! - Yes!



The most densely populated region of the New World in 1492 was Mesoamerica, where North and Central America meet in modern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. The people living here were called the Aztecs (also Mexica or Tenochca); they built an amazing civilization centered on their great capital city of Tenochtitlan (modern Mexico City). This was one of the largest cities in the world (with an estimated population of 200,000), and arguably more beautiful and cleaner than any contemporary capital in Europe.

The Aztecs were just one of several tribes in the area, but had risen to prominence due to their ferocity in battle and adept diplomacy. Their soldiers wielded weapons of wood and stone, and they often sought prisoners to be sacrificed in religious ceremonies. Their society depended on sophisticated agricultural techniques; from them the world learned of foodstuffs including tomatoes, corn, cocoa, and chili peppers. They were handicapped by the lack of large domesticated animals (they had no horse or ox), and the use of the wheel only in toys. Everything to be moved was carried by human porters.

Despite their large population and fighting prowess, the Aztecs fell relatively quickly to the determined Spanish conquistadores under Cortez. This was due in large part to the epidemics the Europeans brought ashore. By some estimates the Aztec population of 12 million people in 1520 had fallen to one million by 1600. The Spanish also allied with the Aztecs' enemies to increase the size of their armies, and had the advantages of steel and gunpowder weapons.


  • The Aztecs and the later Mexicans are the only civilizations in Age of Empires III who share the same location and Home City, but in different time periods.
    • This phenomenon is a bit similar to the Romans and Byzantines in Age of Empires II.
  • The Aztecs are the first civilization in Age of Empires III without access to cavalry.


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