This article is about the civilization in Age of Empires III. For the civilization in Age of Empires II, see Aztecs (Age of Empires II).
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Tenochititlan, the Aztec Home City

The Aztecs are one of the three major Native American civilizations featured in the Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs.

Overview Edit

The majority of Aztec military units are unique to the civilization, with the exception of Canoes and War Canoes. The entire Aztec army is composed of infantry. They can build the Nobles' Hut and War Hut which act as a European Blockhouse, they have identical range to that building unless using the Stone Towers card which allow Aztec defensive buildings (0-24>0-30 and 0-40>0-46) to have greater range than all European structures (including European Forts lacking the Revetment upgrade). This extra range is enough to outrange many artillery pieces as well and most enemy ships (with exception to long-range special attacks).

Almost all of the Aztec units are melee units (including their War Chief), with the exception of Macehualtin, Eagle Runner Knights, and the longest ranged archer, the Arrow Knight.

Like the Aztecs of Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, the Aztecs lack cavalry units and artillery units that other native civilizations have access to. To compensate for this the Aztecs also have specialized infantry units that fulfill similar roles. The Coyote Runner makes up for their lack of cavalry. Their ranged cavalry unit is represented by the Eagle Runner Knight. The Arrow Knight, whose range is the best of all archers, is specially designed to tear down buildings and fulfills the role as a weak Mortar and anti-artillery Culverin to protect their vulnerable all-infantry armies from artillery fire.

Instead of Medicine Men, the Aztec's have Warrior Priests who can heal just as well as the Medicine Man, but also have a high attack, and dance at the Fire Pit, counting as two Villagers.

At the beginning of each match, the locations of all Trading Posts will be revealed to Aztec players, regardless of their Home City level. They will also have the 3 Trading Post Travois (Colonial Age) card available to them once they reach a level 10 Home City.

WarChief bonus: Doubles the experience points (XP) gained in combat by nearby Aztec units.

Unique units: All except for villager, ships (except Tlaloc canoe who is a unique unit) and Warrior.

Unique dances: Holy Dance (Spawns Warrior Priests), Healing Dance, and Garland War Dance

Personality: Cuauhtemoc

Units Edit

Units Use
Aztec War Chief Aztec WarChief

Coyote Runner

Very fast moving melee infantry


Fast firing slinger

Puma Spearman

Aztec Pikeman

Arrow Knight

Exceptionally long-ranged archer
Eagle Runner Knight Very fast moving ranged infantry

Jaguar Prowl Knight

Stealthy powerful infantry
Warrior Priest Powerful Aztec healer
Skull Knight Very powerful heavy infantry unit with Area of Effect damage
Canoe Fast scouting/fishing boat
War Canoe War/fishing boat
Tlaloc Canoe Very powerful war/fishing boat

Unique buildings Edit

In-game dialogue Edit

Aztecs unit speak an unknown variant of Nahuatl, the in-game command responses are neither classical nor modern Nahuatl.

  • komansay
  • kuu/co (while?)
  • ok/oc (what else?)
  • bante'ni
  • ichok
  • isay (male); agesay (female) -wood
  • sakunam (m); sakonan (f) -mine and farm, (collect)
  • ahsak (build)
  • asku (m); ageku (f) -hunt
  • zabbeo (attack)
  • bajunki (attack)