The Aztec Jaguar Warrior is a Native American unit in Age of Empires III, available at Aztec settlements.

From the WarChiefs expansion, the Aztecs become a playable faction and are replaced by the Zapotec as Native Tribe, with the Jaguar Warrior being replaced by the Jaguar Prowl Knight in function.

Overview Edit

The Aztec Jaguar Warrior is a native version of the European Pikeman, while costing 20 wood more than the Pikeman it has considerably more hit points.

It's anti-building attack is only slightly less than a Pikeman, while it's speed is also slightly lower. It is better against buildings than cavalry when compared to a regular Pikeman.

History Edit

"Aztec warriors who had captured at least four enemy soldiers became eligible for the ranks of the Eagle warriors or the Jaguar warrior. Presumably this emphasis on capturing enemies was to collect a pool of captives for sacrifice, but the Aztecs were well-known for dealing death in battle, killing with single strokes of their obsidian swords or hurling atlatl-driven flights of barbed spears. Warriors who caused confusion or disorder in the ranks were beaten on the spot and sometimes killed.

Jaguar warriors were Aztec warriors whose dress incorporated bright colors and spots to evoke the imagery of a jaguar. The jaguar was a symbol of the night, a prowler and a predator, an appropriate model for an elite warrior. Jaguar warriors are usually depicted carrying shields and obsidian swords.

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