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This article is about the the Aztec Hero. For the War Chief, see Aztec War Chief.

A leader among the Aztec.
—In-game description

The Aztec Chief is a unit exclusive to the campaign of Age of Empires III. It debuts in the Temples of the Aztec scenario of Act I: Blood.


Although cheap, the Aztec Chief should be only used as a front line distraction to protect more valuable, ranged units from hand attackers due to its many hit points, attack, and 40% resistance against hand attacks. It can also be used for distracting enemy units while evading ranged units.

In-game dialogue[]

The Aztec Chief uses Aztec Jaguar Warrior dialogue files.


About Aztec leaders:

In the middle of the thirteenth century, the Aztec settled near lake Texcoco. A priest and ruler, Tenoch, oversaw the founding of the city Tenochtitlan and was the first Huei Tlatoani, or emperor. Eleven known rulers followed Tenoch, including Moctezuma II, the ruler who presided over the Aztec as the Spanish conquistadors under Cortes made landfall in 1519. Moctezuma II lived only another year. Two Tlatoani followed him: Cuitlahuac and the last Tlatoani of the Aztec, Cuauhtemoc, who was killed by the Spanish in 1824[sic].
Note: Cuauhtemoc was actually killed by the Spanish in 1525.



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