The Axe of Muspell is a technology available to the Norse. It was added to the game in Age of Mythology: The Titans. Once researched, it grants Throwing Axemen increased attack against all flying units.

Effects Edit

  • Throwing Axemen ×3 attack vs. flying units
  • Throwing Axemen +2 range

Changelog Edit

The Titans Edit

  • Axe of Muspell only increases Throwing Axeman damage against flying units.
  • Axe of Muspell costs 100 wood and 250 gold and takes 40 seconds to research.

Extended Edition Edit

  • Axe of Muspell now also increases Throwing Axeman range by 2.
  • With Patch 2.7, Axe of Muspell costs 100 wood and 100 gold and takes 20 seconds to research.

Mythology Edit

Muspell is a land of fire and desolation, directly opposed to Niflheim, and ruled by the fire giant Surt. Throwing axes forged in the flames of Muspell are extremely accurate, and can knock a bird from the sky at a hundred paces.

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