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The reworked scenarios of the campaign as they appear in the Definitive Edition

Ave Caesar is the second campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The player controls Caesar and his Roman legions in some of the most important battles of his life.

Campaign description[]

Gaius Julius Caesar carried the highest virtues of the Roman Republic, but his ambitions would cause the Republic's downfall. March with this storied son of Rome from his captivity by Cilician pirates to his expedition to the ends of the earth; and from his conquest of Gaul to his crushing victory over his rivals. Discover why Roman emperors would proudly bear his name for centuries. Ave Caesar!
—In-game campaign description


With the launch of the Definitive Edition, the campaign now consists of the following scenarios:

  1. Caesar's Revenge (named Caesar vs Pirates in the original)
  2. The Invasion of Britain (named Britain in the original)
  3. The Siege of Alesia (named Alesia in the original)
  4. The Battle of Pharsalus (named Caesar vs Pompey in the original)