The Automaton Statue is a campaign exclusive "building", featured in the Atlantis Betrayed scenario of the The New Atlantis campaign.

Unlike most other campaign-exclusive statues featured in the game (a notable exception being the Statues of Melagius in Greetings from Greece), the Automaton Statue is highly relevant to the plot of its scenario of appearance.

Campaign appearance[edit | edit source]

After they manage to save the Egyptians and Norse from two rampaging Titans, and cleanse Sikyos from Prometheus' destructive influence (with the help of the goddess Gaia), Kastor and his allies return to the colony of New Atlantis (sited on the island featured in Atlantis Reborn).

To Amanra's surprise, the island is quiet, with the local Atlanteans in hiding from the Servant of Kronos. Instead of them, they only spot some odd statues that bear an uncanny resemblance to Automata. Kastor remarks that he hadn't seen them before in the island.

Suddenly, the statues come to life and ambush the heroes, revealing their sinister purpose. The Servant had installed these with the intent to fight against Kastor, and tear apart the helpless Atlanteans. They also guarded his citadel, that included a Sky Passage leading to nowhere else but Old Atlantis.

Overview[edit | edit source]

These statues are spread all around Atlantis, and most of them (but not all) turn into a special variant of Automata, when either triggered to attack the local people or approached by the heroes.

The Automata resulting are identical to the trainable ones, but with an important twist; they cannot be repaired by their fellows, and crumble completely when they are broken into pieces. They are found in enormous numbers on their scenario of appearance, but tend to fall easily from heroes.

Usually, each Automaton Statue will turn only once into an Automaton, but the ones found on Krios' citadel continue to spawn Automata, even when the Statue has already being "converted".

Mythology[edit | edit source]

Unlike most statues made of stone or marble, the Atlanteans chose to create the Automaton statue from the same metals forged by the god Hephaestus. Because of this the statue looked as though the Automaton could walk right off the base and fight.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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