The Aurochs is the ancient ancestor of European cattle. In Age of Mythology, it is a huntable animal that yields a great deal of food. If attacked, it will retaliate and can cause serious damage to Workers.

Similarly to other large huntables in the game (except Elephants and Rhinoceroses), it provides 400 Food, but due to its high HP and strong attack, it is recommended to hunt Aurochs in groups of several Villagers.

History[edit | edit source]

Scientific name -- Bos primigenesis
Size -- about 6' at shoulder, 2000+ lbs.
Diet -- grasses

The aurochs (OR-rox) literally means proto-ox in German, and is the original wild stock from which all European cattle breeds were eventually derived. In Europe, cave paintings suggest that these great black bulls were hunted by humans for thousands of years. However, wild strains of aurochs went extinct during the 17th century (and outside of Poland they went extinct much earlier).

Wild aurochs were hunted, but herds were also domesticated for meat, milk and as beasts of burden.

"Aurochs is fearless // and greatly horned // a very fierce beast, // a famous roamer of the moor // it is a courageous animal." -- Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem
—In-game help section

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Among all animals featured in the Age series, the Aurochs is the only species to have gone extinct.
    • However, the Cow, its domesticated descendant, lives on.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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